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The two Tony's


The two Tony's  

  1. 1. The two Tony's

    • Tony Jeffries
    • Tony Bellew

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Although British boxing is on the verge of a giant boom with 4 Current world champions, 1 interim world champion, and a host of brilliant young fighters coming through there are going to be some sob stories in 2011. Two of the most obvious fighters who appear to have already been on the verge of suffering embarrassing defeats despite once being highly thought of are both popular Light Heavyweights who were great amateurs. First we have Tony “Bomber” Bellew and then we have Tony Jeffries.


The similarities between the two are bizarre, both are called Tony, both are hugely popular in their local area where they are known as huge ticket sellers, both have struggled in recent fights and yet both were solid amateurs.


Continued here: http://hubpages.com/hub/The-two-Tonys-of-British-boxing-who-need-to-tighten-up

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