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Ulises Solis will get his rematch


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The IBF on Monday ordered junior flyweight titlist Luis Lazarte to face Solis again in a sequel to their heavily disputed draw, one of the most controversial decisions of 2010.


Under the order, sent in a letter to both camps, neither fighter can take another fight until after the rematch -- unless Lazarte wants to forfeit his 108-pound belt. The sides have until Feb. 3 to make a deal, or a purse bid will be ordered, with the fight due to take place by May 3.


Mexico's Solis, a former titleholder, traveled to Lazarte's hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to challenge for his old belt on Dec. 18 and seemed to clearly get the better of him during a fight in which Lazarte repeatedly fouled him.


However, Lazarte (48-9-2, 18 KOs) was awarded a majority draw as two judges scored it 113-113, while the third judge had it 117-109 in favor of Solis (32-2-3, 21 KOs).


The Solis camp protested to the IBF. After Daryl Peoples, the organization's president, and Lindsey Tucker, the chairman of its championships committee, reviewed a DVD of the fight, an immediate rematch was ordered because of the repeated fouls.


Lazarte illegally hit Solis behind the head over and over during the fight. Referee Max Parker deducted a point from Lazarte in the fourth round and another one in the 10th round for the flagrant infractions, but he allowed many others to go unchecked.


Lazarte also blatantly hit Solis below the belt, for which he was warned, and attempted to bite his neck during a clinch in the third round, which Parker missed but is clearly seen on the video.


Solis made eight title defenses during his 2006 to 2009 reign before he was stopped in the 11th round by Brian Viloria. But Solis, 29, rebounded to win four fights in a row, knocking out Bert Batawang in the fifth round of a title eliminator in March to earn another title shot.


Solis was pleased to get another opportunity.


"I had confidence that the IBF would do justice in reviewing the video," Solis said in a statement. "I am very happy with that resolution and the support of my promoters Zanfer and Top Rank and, hopefully, I can get my promoters to bring the fight to Mexico so Lazarte will not have any opportunities to commit his illegalities in the ring."


Zanfer announced that if it gains control of the promotion, it will try to put on the fight in Mexico in March.


Lazarte, 39, claimed the belt in his hometown in May from Carlos Tamara in his sixth attempt at a world title. He made his second title defense against Solis.



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