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Q and A with Boxing's Magic Man, Paul "Paulie" Mal


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1. Paulie you are one of the most entertaining and outspoken boxers in the game. Now at 30 years old are you going to tone it down a bit or continue being your entertaining self?


"Honestly, I have toned it down since the beginning. I'm older now and a bit more relaxed. I will speak my mind if someone gets out of pocket, but for the most part, I'm just enjoying life.


2. What made you go with Golden Boy Promotions?


"I wanted to go a different direction in my life, so I changed everything around me. I respect Golden Boy Promotions and thought they made a great fit with Pauli Maglignaggi. It's a perfect combination and I think great things will happen to us."


3. How did you and your new trainer Eric Brown get together?


"He's a great trainer, I respect him and what he brings to the table. He sees the vision that I see. Only great things can happen to a team that's on the same page."


4. How do you feel with Eric? Anything new you're working on?


"I feel great working with him, he has me in the right direction. In boxing you're always working on something new."


5. What are your goals at 147 lbs. in 2011?


"My goal is to get back into the mix and have my name as a top contender. I want a title shot one more time, I know deep down inside I can win one more belt. I won't give up until it's done."



6. The 147 lb. welterweight division is loaded. Who are you looking forward to fighting in 2011?


"Everyone knows me, Paulie Malignaggi comes to fight no matter who it is. I respect everyone but I want the best. When I retire, everyone is going to respect me for fighting the big names. I haven't ducked anyone and that will never change."


7.Would you take on Matthew Hatton WBA No. 6 or/and IBF champ Jan Zaveck in Europe?


"It don't matter to me but I would like to fight Zaveck; that would be a great fight for the fans. So hopefully we can make this happen."


8. Down the road do you want a shot at Berto or Pacquiao?


"Like I said before, I don't care who I fight. This is the sport of boxing; whoever they put in front of me, I will figure a way to win."


9. At 147 do you feel you still have the hand speed?


"I feel great at 147, I should have moved up a long time ago. I was draining myself to make weight the past few times, now I feel comfortable. I also feel stronger, which is a great thing."


10. Anything you would like to tell your fans and the boxing world? Thanks Paulie.


"Everyone knows I love my fans, I wouldn't change them for the world. They have been by my side and haven't left me even when times have been tough. I try to chat with all my fans on twitter. So if you have a twitter account hit me up http://www.twitter.com/PaulMalignaggi. Also, check out my website www.officialmalignaggi.com."




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