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1. Carl Froch- Extremely underrated, impressive resume, fight with Kessler could have been either way. Reason for being look over might be his girlfriend, who is trying to steal the spotlight....


2. Andre Ward- Show down with Froch soon. Great boxer and is only getting better.


3. Lucian Bute- Very upset with the level of competition he is facing. Impressive win over Librado after he actually lost the first. Nice win over a supposed rejuvenated Edison Miranda. Time to start stepping up in competition. Has the talent, Love his upper.


4. Mikkel Kessler- Great fight with Froch, long standing champ.


5. Glen Johnson- Road Warrior gets tops in "my" rankings in whatever division he's in. Hit Green so hard, snot came out of his nose.


Mentions- Can't put honorable at the begining of the phrase because I am going to mention Dirrell.

Poor managing of his career by his family and friends. Instead of working hard for the win, decided to go after an Academy award. was impressed with his performance at the begining of the fight against AA but then saw how Froch man-handled him and not so much.

AA- needs to go back to all the way to JR. Middle.

Librado Andrade- Gate Keeper- tough guy though. Could be matched up better...

Him and Bute should have been in the Super Six!!!

Robert Stieglitz- Lost to Andrade but has wins over Jermain Taylor, Bika, Allen Green (if that means anything)



Edwin Rodriquez- ...

Thanks to iamasadlittleboy here are some prospects that are under the radar (well, just a few)

James DeGale

George “The Saint” Groves

Thomas Oosthuizen

Isaac Rodrigues

Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin

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I suggest a name for the future (i hope), the only italian fighter (today) which have in the hands the possibility of closing the match with one shot..for our boxers .. very rare..

Andrea Di Luisa (current national champ), not young, has made an excellent amateur career but then lost a few years not choosing the future well, prof or not prof..ecc...

Since prize has won all the matches by ko, 2011 will be the year that will make the leap to go. Unfortunately, like many Italian boxers with boxing does not live and eat...is not full-time boxer, must work (he is military career in the Air)

and not always are training consistently and well...

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1. Froch

2. Bute

3. Ward

4. Kessler

5. Dirrell


I have Froch 1st because he has the best record at 168lbs IMO. Bute needs to fight better opponents so gets 2nd. Ward will be number one if he wins the S6 tournament. Kessler and Dirrell are 4th and 5th and are out injured currently. Abraham is 6th due to losses against Froch and Dirrell. I can't include Johnson on the list as he's only had one fight there and i assume he'll go straight back up to 175lbs after the tournament is over.

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