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Rigondeaux slams Casey


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Rigondeaux slams Casey

Irishman given warning ahead of Dublin date


Guillermo Rigondeaux believes Willie Casey is not a worthy opponent and has vowed to outclass the Irishman in Dublin on March 19.


Casey was handed a surprise shot at the WBA interim belt after taking the European super-bantamweight title in November, but the Cuban holder feels it is a step too far for the Limerick man.


Rigondeaux has branded Casey one-dimensional and the two-time Olympic gold medallist is keen to prove he is a class above the challenger.


"Casey doesn't belong in the same ring as me," he told fightnews.com. "But I admire his courage for wanting to fight me. I am world champion. Casey and all of the fans in attendance will see a true world champion in action March 19.


"If Casey thinks I'm going to Ireland to lose my world title belt, he's making a big mistake because I'm going to win, and in sensational fashion.


"He is tailor-made for me. I watched a couple of rounds of Casey's previous fights and concluded that he's a bit of a one-trick pony.


"We are as far apart in class as in residence, make no mistake about that and when the bell rings March 19th, that will certainly be evident to all."




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I laughed at the Press Release. Does anyone really think that the Cuban Amatuer Star used the phrase "one trick pony" to describe Willie Casey? Sounds like something written for him by a Press Agent grin//


I like this fight, and I'm pulling for Willie Casey!!!!


I was thinking the same thing! lol!

I was like, "was he talking in spanish or is that really him"?

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The early odds have been 2/1 for Rigondeaux but now 9/4. Thats a great deal if you really think there is only one winner.


It's 9/4 on Rigondeaux winning!?!

Those are some crazy odds...I'll be throwing a stack of dough on him, if that is the case man!


An Irish poster on Saddoboxing forum posted about the odds. Apparently with SportingBet


He says they often are the 1st to post odds and sometimes get them wrong (change to worse odds once the other betting sites have odds)

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