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What Three Fights Do You Most Hope For in 2011?

Johnny Walker

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Forgetting the Pac/Mayweather non-fight that MANY have wet their pants over (time and again, I might add), this site is filled with hardcore types that LOVE boxing as a whole and are drawn to FAR more than one mega-fight that has been hyped to death. Lets put that notion to the test.


What THREE bouts do you most want to see come to fruition in 2011.


Based on what I've read around here (from those that are balanced, that is), I am CERTAIN we will see some amazing match-ups listed.


Have at it.

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Lopez-Gamboa is the first one that springs to mind.


Marquez-Pacquiao 3 would delight and terrify me simultaneously.


and Khan v Bradley or Alexander would be great.


They're all disappointingly mainstream and obvious, but I can't think of any other fights at the moment that aren't already more or less guranteed(Haye-Klitschko, the remainder of Super6, etc)

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Donaire vs Montiel has already been signed so I won't include that but it would have been on the list.


Haye vs Wlad Klitschko - This is a big fight and as a Haye fan its one I want to see him take part in as I genuinely believe he wins this.


Lebedev vs Huck 2 - Though intruth I just want to see Lebedev get another shot regardless of who its against. Hopefully his recent performance against Huck (which I had him winning) doesn't make him a man others avoid/ignore.


Lopez vs Gamboa - Two super talented Featherweights and this is a longshot as I think Arum is looking at 2012 for this one.

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giovani segura - roman gonzalez

juanma lopez - yuriorkis gamboa

khan - bradley/alexander winner

runner up: victor ortiz - brandon rios



and like rob said there are a few fights already happening like montiel-donaire and the bantamweight tournament finals, so it looks to be a good year. lets just hope the curse of 2010 is over

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The top three for me -


David Haye - Wladmir Klitschko.

Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather.

Juan Manuel Lopez - Yuriorkis Gamboa.


All painfully obvious but if all three happened then it'd be a good year for boxing no mater what else happened.


I've posted my top ten fights here - http://budweiserboxing.forumcircle.com/viewtopic.php?t=7755

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Lopez v Gamboa

Cazares v Segura (Mexican war baby! at Super Fly)

Acosta v Katsidis

Ok going to be greedy:

Matthyse v Maidana (Argentinian bangers meet in a war)

Hatton v Brook (UK WW fight that needs making)

Mitchell v J Murray (UK LW fight that needs making)

Kirkland v Angulo (pipe dream but it has got fight of the year written all over it)

Macklin or Barker v Pirog (I want the British Middles to shut up, this will be one way to shut them up)

Bute v Ward (though I'll wait til 2012)

Luis Garcia v Cleverly

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