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Holyfield's quest to be 'greatest heavyweight boxer"


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Holyfield's quest to be 'greatest heavyweight boxer of all time'


By Steve Cofield


As long as Evander Holyfield isn't putting his health in serious jeopardy, he can fight forever for all we care. But promoters may want to tone down some of the verbage in pitching his future fights.


Saying Holyfield's fight against Sherman Williams on Jan. 22 continues his quest to be "the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time" is going a bit overboard. Going way overboard is actually charging fans to see this fight on PAY-PER-VIEW! Simply incredible.


Believe it or not, the fight against Williams is a warm-up for a match against Brian Nielsen. Yes, that Brian Nielsen. The one who gained fame as a 62-1 fighter who flopped against Mike Tyson in 2001. Nielsen, 45, is coming out of retirement to face what he hopes is Holyfield in March of 2011. Holyfield turned 48 in October.

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The more I watch former greats like Evander continue to delude themselves the more I begin to think for some boxing is a drug.


I think that is true, and maybe is the reason Holyfield wants to fight on. In Holyfield's mind the word 'former' probably doesn't exist.

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