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2010 Least Respected Boxer


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Published: Dec 24 2010 by: Jake Emen



Which Top Boxer Gets the Least Respect in the Boxing Community?


No matter how good you are in the ring, how consistent you are with your performances, and how many top fighters you turn back, sometimes certain fighters just don't get the respect they deserve amongst fans, media members and the overall boxing community. In 2010, there are actually many candidates who fit into this category, as the boxing world continually hones in on just a few fighters - ahem, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather - while seemingly forgetting about the rest. But which fighter was the least respected boxer in 2010?

2010's Least Respected Boxer: Marco Huck


Marco Huck, 31 (23) - 1, is one of the most anonymous top level fighters or champions in the sport. Huck, fighting in the crusierweight division and basically exclusively plying his trade from Germany, has fought 12 times in less than two years since losing to the top cruiserweight in the world, Steve Cunningham. That makes him one of the most active non-prospects in the game, and those wins aren't all piled up against nobodies either.


He's beaten two of the top 5 cruiserweights in the last 12 months, Ola Afolabi and Denis Lebedev. During that stretch he also turned back Matt Godfrey and Brian Minto. He has made five defenses of his WBO cruiserweight belt over the past year, and along with Cunningham, has cleaned out the rest of the division. The means of course the only logical fight that remains for either man is a rematch against one another. With both now promoted by Sauerland Events, that will hopefully get done in 2011, perhaps as soon as after Cunningham's next fight.


Some might say his anonymity doesn't equate to a lack of respect, it's just that American fight fans don't know that much about the guy, and don't get a chance to see the majority of his bouts. However, that anonymity and lack of recognition is the exact reason he is the least respected boxer in the world for 2010. An American fighter, or one of any culture who was showcased on American television, with Huck's track record over the past year might be getting serious cred as Fighter of the Year, not Least Respected.



Pound for pound ranking given after name


* Wladimir Klitschko: (#13) Keeps on beating everyone that they serve up to him, keeps on failing to get respect.

* Carl Froch: (#17) Gave Mikkel Kessler a tough fight and dominated Arthur Abraham, and only now starting to get some respect as a guy who could win the Super Six. His five fight stretch dating back to a 2008 win over Jean Pascal is unparalleled in terms of competition.

* Fernando Montiel: (#6) Montiel did enough in 2010 to earn the Champion of the Year award from ProBoxing-Fans.com. His win over Hozumi Hasegawa was spectacular, and he's one of the best fighters in the world, but he's arguably still remembered more for his two losses, the last of which was four and a half years ago.

* Nonito Donaire: (#7) Donaire seemingly fell off the radar since his KO win over Vic Darchinyan, and Darchinyan has been the one landing the big fights. Until next February that is, when Donaire meets Montiel in a bout that's guaranteed to get the winner plenty of respect.

* Tomasz Adamek: (#15) Go back and look at Adamek's record since he lost to Chad Dawson in the beginning of 2007. 12 wins spanning two new weight classes, over names including Steve Cunningham, O'Neill Bell, Chris Arreola, and more.



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shouldnt it be "most underrated" or something like that. when i read "least respected" i think of david haye and antonio margarito


Yeah sounds much better worded that way grape...


yeah deal//



as for the topic, the most underrated i agree with froch and huck... the rest not really. wlad is obviously respected, adamek is a little under the radar as far as TV goes but boxing fans know what hes about. montiel could be underrated due to the hasegawa win being in japan but other than that hes very well known which is why montiel-donaire is a hot fight. donaire is definitely not underrated


if you want to find who is really the most underrated in the sport, venture to the lower weights. giovani segura and roman gonzalez come to mind

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I don't really think Huck is under-rated, infact I'd say he's very much over-rated.

He is not just one-dimensional, he has a single punch to his arsenal - the overhand right, and throws little in the way of combinations.

I can see exactly what he's going to throw before he throws it, so I'm surprised he has had the success he has had so far, and more trainers should be getting wise to the fact he doesn't offer much outside of his one big punch.

It is obviously effective, given the number of decent fighters he's beaten, but taking it at face value, he definitely lost to Lebedev, and should, in my book, lose to any of the other top fighters in the division - Cunningham (again), Wlodarczyk etc etc

He's a high end middle of the road fighter, and is talked about as being the best thing since sliced bread in Germany.

He's not.

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Agree with Grapevine, the wording should be "underrated". Huck would be near the top of my list, and I also think the Froch deserves his mention. I don't think Adamek and Donaire belong, they've gotten a lot of mileage out of their wins and IMO aren't getting shortchanged. If I had to pick one though, I think I'd go with Montiel, who's had a great run here and still hasn't been able to win over a lot of those who wrote him off some time ago.
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In the UK, ironically, the guy gets barely any media coverage at all. He isn't on terrestrial TV or Sky sports, he is barely ever in newspaper sports sections.... The guy is Britain's best boxer (Khan and Haye, move aside!) and yet he's treated like crap.


His last 5 opponents were the following:


- Arthur Abraham: Was rated as the best boxer in World at 160 and had only 1 loss on record against the speedy Andre Dirrell. He came on strong late on in the fight, however, and the MAJORITY had Abraham to beat Froch before the fight. Froch gave him a boxing lesson.


- Mikkel Kessler: Gave Joe Cazlaghe the toughest fight of his career and was the clear front runner to take over from Calzaghe after he retired, which he did. His only loss was to Olympic Gold medallist, and now P4P ranked (on many peoples' lists), Andre Ward. The fight between Froch and Kessler was very close and could've gone either way IMO. I have always said a boxer needs to lose to improve and this loss will have improved Froch IMO. We saw this in his recent win over Abraham.


- Andre Dirrell: Undefeated Dirrell came to the UK to fight the champ. Well done to him. I don't think there was any question of the win for Froch as i have always had the opinion that a challenger must WIN the title, the champion can't just LOSE the title. Any "ifs or buts" about the result and the belt remains with the champion. Dirrell would go on to beat Abraham, the King of 160, in his next bout.


- Jermain Taylor: Had just two losses on his record, both to the new King on the scene at 160lbs, Kelly Pavlik. However, he also had two wins on his record against the former King at 160, Bernard Hopkins. He was also coming off a UD win over Jeff Lacy. Taylor was one of the main names at 168 at the time.


- Jean Pascal: Two undefeated fighters battled it out for the WBC title. Froch would win a gruelling brawl to become the champion. Pascal would later go on to beat the undefeated Adrian Diaconu (twice) and would also go on to beat the undefeated light heavyweight King Chad Dawson.




- Froch has a record of 27-1-0 (20 KOs)


- He has won English, British, Commonwealth and World titles at super middleweight.


- He has shown he can fight in pretty much any style of fight: He outboxed Abraham. He got into a brawl with Kessler that the judges felt he lost. He got into a brawl with Pascal that he clearly won. He stalked Dirrell and showed patience to not lose his head. He got outboxed and was losing by a long way against Taylor to only come back and win with only SECONDS remaining on the clock.


- He is one of only 8 men to have participated in the first ever "Super 6" tournament. And only one of THREE men who will have started and not pulled out (Ward, Abraham and himself).


- He shows a clear willingness to fight ANYWHERE in the World to get the best fights. He fought Abraham in neutral Finland, Kessler in his own country of Denmark and Jermain Taylor in the USA. He also fought an earlier bout against Henry Porras in the USA.


- Should he defeat Glen Johnson, which will probably be in the USA, he will most likely fight the final in the USA also. This would mean 5 of his last 6 bouts would've been abroad. How many fighters show that level of willingness to fight abroad?


- He is only man to stop Brian Magee and Sergey Tatevosyan and only the 2nd man to stop Robin Reid (after Jeff Lacy). He was also the first man to stop Ruben Groenewald.


- He has wins over Brian Magee, Matthew Barney, Charles Adamu, Tony Dodson and Robin Reid who were all good level domestic fighters at the time.


- He has beaten great journeymen such as Michael Pinnock, Ojay Abrahams and Paul Bonson.


- He also has wins over Sergey Tatevosyan, Ruben Groenewald and Henry Porras.


Having analysed his record in great depth i would say you will be hardstretched to find a boxer in the World today who shows the same willingness to engage in a fight/brawl in the ring and fight the very best in the World like he does.

Analysis of these fighters records:


- Brian Magee: Had only lost twice and that was to Robin Reid and the undefeated Vitaliy Tsypko, both by UD. Froch became the first man to stop him via 11th round TKO. Magee had wins over Miguel Angel Jiminez, Hacine Cherifi and Mads Larsen. Magee went 10 bouts undefeated after loss to Froch to earn a shot at Lucian Bute's World title.


- Matthew Barney: Has wins over Dean Francis and Tony Oakey as well as good journeymen Mark Lee Dawson, Hussain Osman and Jamie Ambler. He has also fought (but lost to) Charles Adamu, Thomas Ulrich and Danny McIntosh.


- Charles Adamu: Had lost just once before fighting Froch, to Tsypko. He has also fought Matthew Barney, Otis Grant, Carl Dilks and George Groves.


- Tony Dodson: Had beaten journeymen like Paul Bonson and Mark Lee Dawson, was on a 6 fight unbeaten streak when he fought Froch and was the English champion. He would later go on to fight (and lose to) Tony Quigley and Pual Smith.


- Robin Reid: He was long past his best when Froch beat him and was in his mid 30s. But, he did have a wealth of ring experience that Froch didn't have. He had been on the losing end to great fighters like Jeff Lacy, Joe Calzaghe, Silvio Branco and Thulani Malinga. He had been the WBC super middleweight champion from 96-97 and was robbed in Germany against Sven Ottke fighting for the IBF title. The referee wouldn't even allow Reid to PUNCH Ottke. Froch become only the 2nd man to stop Reid (after Lacy).


- Michael Pinnock: Has only been stopped 7 times in 74 losses. Has fought the likes of Paul Bonson, Mark Hobson, Tony Oakey, Brian Magee, Steve Spartacus. Froch stopped him in the 4th round.


- Ojay Abrahams: Has been stopped just 17 times in 76 losses. Opponents include Delroy Leslie, Wayne Alexander, Hussain Osman, Howard Eastman, Anthony Farnell, Ryan Rhodes, Ruben Groenewald, Wayne Elcock, David Starie, Michael Jones, Matthew Macklin, Paul Smith, Matthew Hall, Tony Quigley.


- Paul Bonson: He is the ultimate journeyman. In 105 losses he has been stopped just 3 times. His opponents include Michael Pinnock, Mark Hobson, Enzo Maccarinelli, Tony Dodson, Clinton Woods, Albert Sosnowski, Steve Spartacus, Lee Swaby, Carl Thompson, Tony Booth, Ovil McKenzie, Dean Francis, Sam Sexton, Tony Bellew, Matty Askin.


- Sergey Tatevosyan: Had never been stopped in 7 losses before fighting Froch and his opponents included Roman Karmazin, James Obede Toney, Howard Eastman, Kheron Gevor, Dmitriy Pirog, Rudy Markussen and Lucian Bute.


- Ruben Groenewald: Had never been KO'd before fighting Froch. His opponents have included Delroy Leslie, Ojay Abrahams, Anthony Farnell, Danilo Haussler and Alexander Frenkel.


- Henry Porras: Good journeyman whose opponents include Mikkel Kessler, Danilo Haussler, Otis Grant, Juerghen Braehmer and Edison Miranda.

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If Vladimir Klitchko were American, their hype machine would spin out of control.


Very true. The endless search for the 'Great White Hope' in America, well the Klitschkos arrived but they are too Russian to sit comfortably with the US fans who watched decent fighters like Cooney and Morrison fail while the brothers have dominated.

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