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2010 Ring Fan Poll: Marquez has Comeback of the Year


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Juan Manuel Marquez: 68 percent

Antonio Margarito: 13 percent

Jason Litzau: 9 percent

Daniel Ponce DeLeon: 8 percent

Jorge Linares: 2 percent


Juan Manuel Marquez’s hard-fought ninth-round stoppage of Juan Diaz in the Fight of the Year for 2009 was the kind of high-octane ring battle that takes years off of the careers of both fighters.


And Marquez, who was 10 years older than the 25-year-old Diaz, had fewer years to sacrifice than the young challenger. Although the reigning lightweight champ was brilliant in scoring the come-from-behind TKO, fans wondered how much he had left after such a brutal encounter.


Not much if one judged Marquez by his next fight, a painfully one-sided 12-round drubbing from Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September of last year. The Mexico City native, who turned 36 one month prior to the welterweight fight, looked his age -- perhaps even older -- while losing almost every round.


Marquez’s pitiful performance against Mayweather is the reason the veteran’s two fights this year -- a commanding unanimous decision over Diaz and a thrilling ninth-round TKO of Michael Katsidis in a Fight-of-the-Year candidate -- earned him the 2010 Ring Fan Poll Comeback of the Year award by a wide margin.


Marquez, who dropped back down to lightweight for his rematch with Diaz, regained his sharp technique and out-boxed his motivated rival over 12 intense rounds.


However, the return bout with Diaz, which took place on July 31 in Las Vegas, was considerably more tactical than their first fight. Some fans still questioned whether Marquez, who turned 37 in August, could survive another grueling barnburner.


Marquez’s answered those fans with his title defense against Katsidis on Nov. 27 in Las Vegas. After a brisk start, the powerful 30-year-old No. 1 contender dropped Marquez with a perfect left hook 46 seconds into the third round. Marquez got up by the referee’s count of five, withstood the furious follow-up attack from Katsidis, who was inspired by the recent death of his brother, and then fired back with vicious body shots and accurate combinations to the head in the final minute of the round.


During the next five rounds, Marquez engaged in the kind of heated power-punch exchanges with Katsidis that most fighters his age try to avoid. Marquez didn’t run. He didn’t hold. He didn’t try to run out the clock or slow down the torrid pace of the bout at all.


The 17½-year veteran allowed Katsidis to power forward and he exceeded the younger man’s considerable punch output and connect rate until the proud Australian could no longer keep it up and was barely able to remain upright in the ninth round.


In besting another younger, stronger contender in a fight that was every bit as dramatic and breathtaking as his first fight with Diaz, Marquez reminded everyone that he is a great fighter and completed the comeback of 2010.


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Marquez is the clear choice IMO. I'm a bit surprised to see Margarito take second place though, a 10 rounder over Garcia and a beatdown by Pacquiao warrants Runner-up? Litzau beating Juarez and Caballero was more of an accomplishment, unless your thinking just getting his license back was an achievement grin//
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I think he has got to be the greatest Mexican fighter ever.


Erm, Salvador Sanchez? Julio Caesar Chavez? mlol/ mlol/


Yes in my finite knowledge.

I have yet to have the privilege of watching some of the greats from times past.

I get pretty excited about having been able to witness JMM in action.

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JMM is up there though, not the greatest but certainly in discussion with sanchez, lopez, chavez, zarate, morales, barerra, canto, zaragoza, and olivarez


Chavez, Morales, Barrerea are the only ones known to me as of yet.

I'm starting on PR greats, just downloaded Wilfredo Gomez from here.

But will eventually get around to them.

I wanted to do an article of the MExican vs Puerto Rican rivalry to put on ringnews24, but thought I should watch the greats from the past first to make the piece more interesting.

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