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1. Jean Pascal- Looked as if he may of had the answer early on then seemed to fizzle out towards the later rounds. Knockdowns where enough for the draw.


2. Benard Hopkins- seemed to be off balance, figured Pascal out but lost one round to many early on. Fair call on the judges part.


3. Travis Cloud- toughed out a win against gritty Glen Johnson, seems to go on a one year and fight only every Aug???


4. Chad Dawson- ??? has nothing lined up so far


5. Nathan Cleverly





Published by: Jake Emen


The names that dominated the light heavyweight division in boxing are now mostly just a memory of their past. In their place, a few names have emerged, and finally a few exciting fights are taking place. Take a look at boxing's top 10 light heavyweight division rankings.


Light heavyweight division rankings last updated December 2010


1. Jean Pascal – After losing a decision to Carl Froch for a super middleweight belt, Pascal jumped up to light heavyweight to face the then undefeated Adrian Diaconu. He surprisingly cruised past Diaconu, outclassing him and even hurting him, and then beating him again. Then came the real shocker, a technical decision win over Chad Dawson. He struggled against Bernard Hopkins and escaped with a draw, but doesn't everyone struggle against Hopkins?

2. Bernard Hopkins – Say hello to Bernard Hopkins, you might have heard of him. At 46 years old, he just refuses to go away and leave the limelight, and he gave Pascal all he could handle, and then some in their recent fight. A rematch is likely next, but how long can Hopkins keep at it? I mean... really?

3. Tavoris Cloud – Cloud dominated a past-his-due-date Clinton Woods for the IBF portion of the light heavyweight championship, and then gutted out a tough match against Glen Johnson. He's still raw, but he has improved his all-around game and has more than enough power to rattle the chin's of most contenders.

4. Chad Dawson – Dawson is coming off the first loss of his career, and perhaps had a hard time coping with the athleticism and speed of Pascal, after 4 straight fights against the division geriatrics like Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson. Dawson wants to get the rematch against Pascal, and it's a fight he could easily come back and win, although a Pascal vs. Hopkins rematch could be in his way for now.

5. Beibut Shumenov - Say what you will about how he got his title belt and the credibility of that, but Shumenov is still one of the better fighters in the division. With just 11 fights on the record so far, it will be interesting to see how he continues to develop. He has a unification bout lined up next against Juergen Braehmer.

6. Juergen Braehmer - Another perhaps dubious titleholder, nonetheless, Braehmer holds a belt and has defended it twice. He won the vacant WBO strap after a previous unsuccessful title bid back in 2008, and now has a chance to unify those dubious belts up against Shumenov in January of 2011.

7. Adrian Diaconu – Diaconu didn't perform badly against Pascal, but was instead exposed as perhaps a bit one-dimensional. He has just one fight since then, a decision over the well past his prime Omar Shieka, so Diaconu needs to get back in there with another top fighter ASAP.

8. Zsolt Erdei - It hasn't exactly been a thrilling career for Zsolt Erdei, but at 36 years old, he's still undefeated, and is now a two division titleholder after a brief foray into the cruiserweight waters. He's back at light heavyweight and just fought in the United States, looking to make a splash. Look for him to try to recapture his longtime WBO belt soon.

9. Nathan Cleverly -The undefeated English light heavyweight doesn't have many names you'd recognize on the resume, but he recently toppled fellow undefeated European prospect Karo Murat. He didn't look great in his last outing, but it was against a tricky late sub. 2011 could be a big year for Cleverly, and as the interim WBO titleholder, he should get to face the winner of the Braehmer-Shumenov unification.

10. Karo Murat - The undefeated German light heavyweight defeated Gabriel Campillo, the man that Shumenov split a two fight series with. He then was outclassed a bit against Cleverly, but he remains a game opponent and could do some damage with the right match-ups.

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Dawson-He lost the fight with Pascal rather than Pascal winning it

Hopkins-Decent judges would have it the right way

Pascal-Very average, can fight well for 5 rounds but seems to look lost in the second half of fights.

Shumenov (though his fight with Breahmer will determine this)-He lost the second Campillo fight but looked very improved in his last bout, is facing top fighters and not wasting time

Cloud-Exciting, aggressive and although I see a bit of Froch in him (in love with his own power), he'll hold onto the title for a while. If he settles down and starts to box as well as bang he could be much more impressive.



Braehmer, Cleverly, Erdei, Campillo however the best of the rest is Luis Garcia, 23 year old former Cuban based in Ireland.

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I'm kind of with Iam and Londoner in that I think it was more Dawson LOSING the Pascal fight than Jean winning it. I don't often keep one guy elevated over the other when they've gone head to head, but in this case I think there's justification,






5. Cleverly

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i feel the same way as iam and dave about dawson losing rather than pascal winning, but the result is what it is so i wont mess with it. also i would have glen johnson at 5 but hes at 168 for the tournament so cleverly gets it...


1. Jean Pascal

2. Bernard Hopkins

3. Chad Dawson

4. Tavoris Cloud

5. Nathan Cleverly

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1. Chad Dawson - despite losing the fight against Pascal he has still a better resumé at 175 than the Canadian. He really wasn't on form that night for one reason or another.


2. Jean Pascal - I'd like to see him rematch either Hopkins or Dawson outside Canada, he is getting too comfortable there. He exposed Diaconu for what he is - an average fighter and he bet a very old Branco. He will always have the Dawson victory on his sheet though.


3. Bernard Hopkins - His legder at 175 is not bulky or busy enough to rank him above Pascal and Dawson. Very effective at what he does though. I also thought he should have got the decision against Pascal.


4. Tavoris Cloud - I really don't know what to make of Cloud, sometimes he can look really impressive and other times he looks average. Poor enough showing against Zuniga last time out. I get the feeling he is a big fight boxer and can step up with the occasion.


5. Nathan Cleverly - Hard to pick my no. 5. I don't rate Braehmer at all and I think Shumenov will outpoint him. Erdei has moved up to CW. Cleverlys victory and performance agaisnt Karo Murat was extremely impressive and that is enough to push him into no. 5 ahead of Braehmer, Henry, Shumenov, Campillo etc.


One to watch: Luis Garcia. I have seen this guy in the flesh a few times now and he is a wrecking ball. Skilled in so many ways and will be a top fighter. Destroyed Mitchell in two rounds last year. Some rumours that his heart isn't where it should be but as I said they are only rumours. Six fights in 2010 and it is hoped that he will debut in the States in 2011.

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