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FOREMAN - QUARRY; What A Fight It Could Have Been !


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Superfights. It is a very over used term these days. Some of the PPV “superfights” of today would have been nice Saturday afternoon feature bouts on ABC’s Wide World Of Sports in my day.


There were several bouts from the late 1960s to the early 1980s I wish would have been made. These are bouts that actually had been rumored in the making or someone’s wishful thinking. If some of these bouts had taken place it could of altered the history of boxing forever. In January of 1973 big George Foreman disrupted the plans of an Ali-Frazier rematch. George gave Joe as one sided a whipping a you’ll ever see. One month later a “washed up” Jerry Quarry derailed the Ron Lyle express to the championship. Then in March Ken Norton broke the hearts of Ali fans while cracking the jaw of “the greatest”. Just like that, in a span of three months the whole top tier of the heavyweight ranks had been seriously shuffled. Ali and Frazier were no longer the kings of the hill. There was a couple of new kids on the block named George and Kenny. Also a grizzled old veteran had returned to town.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/2265-foreman-quarry-what-a-fight-it-could-have-been-.html#ixzz18wGDJXrN

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