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Cecile Coffee/Jose Ribalta w/ Steve Smooger


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Cecile Coffee was a big rawboned 21 yr old Kentucky kid from, yup, Flatland with a 15-0-1, 14 KO swag coming in against 21 yr old El Cubano Nino, Jose Ribalta with his own 17-1, 12 KO credentials. A young, still developing Steve Smooger most excellently reprises the 3rd man in what started as a pressure puncher against a boxer puncher but soon turned into a donnybrook of epic brawl proportions. Won't bore you with the results which could have been fairer but ain't as near as bad as some of the pathetic decisions we see today.


What counts is a classic rivalry between an aspiring small town Palookaville USA kid and a Cuban amateur refugee coming together as God intended heavyweight prospects to do early in their pro careers. Both would go on to ultimately reprise the opponent role for a who's who list of top heavy contenders and champs of their era, but they had big aspirations coming into this fight. These guys could box well within their styles and knew how to fight and weren't shy about mixing it up big time, something gravely missing from the resumes of Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott as they go into their match.


Video quality not the best, but hay, ho, that's the way it goes.




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