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B-Hop waiting on re-match


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B-Hop waiting on re-match

Dawson ahead of Hopkins in queue for Pascal

Bernard Hopkins is unlikely to be given an immediate rematch with Jean Pascal despite the hoopla surrounding their weekend draw.


The veteran American was denied victory by the judges in Quebec despite appearing to come out on top in the fight - one giving it to Hopkinswhile two scored it a draw, meaning Pascalkept his WBC light-heavyweight title.


However, while another fight between the pair in Las Vegas seems the fairest thing to do, the WBC are set to stand by Pascal's rematch clause with Chad Dawson following his 11th round win by technical decision in August.


Pascal was allowed one voluntary defence before he is contracted to take on Dawson again, after which the winner is now likely to face Hopkins.


But the 45-year-old former undisputed middleweight champion has been calling out Pascal since Saturday's fight, believing the Canadian needs to restore his credability following the 'home' decision.


"If this guy has a backbone and wants to walk around with his any kind of dignity and self-worth, the only thing he can do is fight me again," Hopkins said. "I know that's the only way I could really live with myself.


"The whole thing is bad for boxing, bad for Pascal and especially bad for Canada. Pascal knows he should do the right thing and fight me as soon as tomorrow.


"I know I won that fight. I'm sure he's still hanging his head to think he let a 45-year old man beat him up the way I did. If I were him, I would want to redeem myself and my reputation immediately."



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WBC not likely to order rematch


WBC President Jose Sulaiman stated Sunday that while a rematch between WBC light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins would be good for boxing, he personally was not going to order it. “It’s not up to me to order a rematch,” said the President Sunday from Quebec City. “That would be up to the WBC council.” Sulaiman seemed dismayed that remarks made privately were turned around so quickly to make a case for Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer to say he would “use our vast financial resources to sue the WBC and the Canadian Commission,” should an immediate rematch not be forthcoming. “It was a private conversation,” said Sulaiman of his words immediately after the fight, “I said though that for clarity, a rematch would be good and that I don’t think either boxer right now is satisfied…..It was a great fight, a possibility for fight of the year; I don’t want to spoil such a great event with controversy.”


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