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Belated Good News: 1897 Fitzsimmons/Corbett Epic Added to National Film Registry!


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What this ultimately means to boxing fans is unknown, but Thomas Edison's first ever cinematic blockbuster that set the stage for modern filmmakers was finally recognized as significant enough to pass the elongated snifters of the National Film Registry in 2012


I put peeved pen to virtual paper when I emailed the NFR with my article that I posted on my site in 2010 concerning the disregarded recognition of this work to the mission of their creation by Congress in 1989.

National Film Registry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Maybe roused up some superduty heavyweight help when I made the article an open letter to Clint Eastwood and cc'ed to Harry Reid and John McCain, colloquially known as "boxing" senators.


Here's the NFR wiki link as a bio of the 1897 epic:

1897fitz/corbett2012nationalfilmregistry The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here's my open letter article that was sent to the various parties:

Open Letter to the National Film Registry & Clint Eastwood | Bobby Mac's Straight Shooter


And here is my tribute to the 113th anniversary of the 1897 epic which is what kicked my motor into high gear to begin with:

113rd Anniversary of Corbett vs Fitzsimmons, The First Ever Blockbuster | Bobby Mac's Straight Shooter


In such a megalo-bureaucracy as the thousand and one sub-departments of the US gum't, I can't claim any credit other than working within the system in a public way like the founders of the country intended. Now the NFR needs to start adding every scrap of James Jackson Jeffries up and including the filmed fight with Jack Johnson that was thought lost forever after the shameful interstate ban of fight films following that bout. A copy was finally found in Cuba of all places which is hardly geographically or politically stable enough to store these fragile works of history.


That the NFR should also be including every speck of every foot of fight film to that point should be evident without prompting, but perhaps prompting them again is needed. Lumbering slothful habits of such bureaucracies are difficult to break, but perhaps just one wee step at a time filmed boxing history might finally be saved......http://www.ringnews24.com/boxingforum/images/icons/icon6.png

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Re: Belated Good News: 1897 Fitzsimmons/Corbett Epic Added to National Film Registry!


Great work, Bobby.


Is the fight freely available to view?


--- Been a while, but I guess I've seen as much as survives, though probably not all at one time in perfect sequence.


This looks as good as any and has a couple of slo-mos of the knockout punch that barely survived piecemeal. Looks like Fizt caught him just inside the right ribcage for a sideswipe of his solar plexus:



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