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Pacquiao/Bradley Rematch Next:


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Being reported that Bradley and Pac have come to a deal for April 12th, MGMGrande with more details forthcoming.


Boxing News | Pacquiao-Bradley II


Good show with the time almost perfectly ripe. Bradley has by choice or physical limitations from injuries in their first fight been unable to use his legs for his dynamic offensive and defensive styles. Meaning this will be more mano a mano than the first fight where Bradley was knocked down and hurt to go in reverse mode that Pac didn't bother to chase down thinking it was obvious Bradley no longer wanted to engage to win the fight.


It also simmers the spice for Marquez 5 if JMM ever decides he could use the 8 or so million that will generate for him, esp if held in Mexico which has looser tax laws than he would pay out in the US. Manny vs Marquez in the most esteemed Mexico City bull ring outdoors in Sept, a modern all time classic if it ever goes down like that.

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Re: Pacquiao/Bradley Rematch Next:


Entertainment wise, it's a meh fight. But it's one that needs to happen if Pacquiao wants to earn the right to face Floyd. He needs to beat an elite name after being crushed by Marquez.


--- Pacquiao can never regain his prime, peak luster when the fight became an all time drumbeat in the world wide community.


Once he was elected to public office, boom, two fights a year like clockwork with ever more distractions than ever in between to lose his fighting impetus over. Had he knocked out Bradley which he could have done when Bradley was skeetering around on busted pins, empty gas tank and foggy focus, Floydy would run away screaming even louder, not towards him with pen and contract in hand. So if Manny does a number on Bradley this go round, it's another nail in the coffin of this fight.


If they ever break open that coffin, gonna be a dead fight with a bunch of network and boxing Frankensteins sparking the carcass to resurrect the dead beast....it happens!


See Ali/Holmes for how that works. I haven't since I already knew the pitful score before hand, but some always need visual proof.

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