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Doug DeWitt; True Grit


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I enjoy watching all different types of fighters. I appreciate the art and finesse of a clever boxer like Willie Pep. I enjoy the rock-em- sock-em style of a Joe Frazier. There were men with great jabs like Larry Holmes. I was dazzled by the hand speed of Sugar Ray Leonard and more recently by Roy Jones Jr. I was in awe of the power of a Earnie Shavers or Julian Jackson. I was in even more awe of men with the granite jaws who could absorb the power shots like George Chuvalo and Tex Cobb did.*These were just a handful of fighters I have the ultimate respect for. Overall I think my favorite trait in a boxer is a bulldog tenacity. They may not be the best boxer or the hardest puncher and at times their chin may betray them. Still as long as they are standing their opponents better be prepared to fight. I guess gritty is best adjective I can use to describe this type of fighter. Doug DeWitt fit the bill.




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