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WBO Purse bids


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The WBO seem to have 2 purse bids coming up, both on Jan 23rd.


The first is a Light Middleweight one (at 11AM AST) for the bout between Demetrius Andrade and Brian Rose. The minimum for this bout is $200,000.


The second, taking place an hour later, is for the Bantamweight bout between Tomoki Kameda and Pungluang Sor Singyu. The minimum for this contest is $100,000.


Interestingly I imagine BOTH of these will get a lot more than the minimum bid. Both of the camps in each fight want home advantage and will put up the money to get it. For Rose/Andrade it's hard to think that Hearn can win with Rose's small but loyal following though Andrade himself doesn't have a big following and would likely need to be a the B side of a double header.


For the Kameda/Pungluang bout, Onesongchai (Pungluang's team) have said they will pull out all the stops to win the purse bid and with Japanese fighters having an awful history in Thailand I could imagine the Kameda Bros putting in a ridiculously high bid themselves.

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