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Khan wants Mayweather in England and to retire at 28


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WBA junior welterweight champion Amir Khan would like a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to take place in England. Khan expects the fight with Mayweather to take place in twelve months. He plans to fight again on April 9 or April 16 in England and then wants to return in July against the winner of next month's unification between Tim Bradley and Devon Alexander.


Khan told BBC Radio 5 Live: “It’s a possibility in the future. A lot of people say I want to fight Mayweather next. I want to fight Mayweather in 12 months. It gives me time to mature and to get more experience. Hopefully around April I want to get one more fight in before I unify the division.”


Mayweather will push for the fight to happen in Las Vegas, but Khan would like the contest to take place in England. If Khan continues to win, Golden Boy Promotions will attempt to make Mayweather-Khan in the fall of 2011.


“Before the end of 2011 or even in England at the beginning of 2012,” Khan said. “The interest would be huge in England. I want to bring the biggest fights over here. To get a Mayweather to fight in England would be a huge success.”


Khan doesn't plan on fighting forever. He wants to retire from boxing by age 28, which gives him another four years in the sport.


“Boxing is a short career. I’m looking at probably 28, retiring at around that time,” Khan said.



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Khan will be retiring in a poor way if he doesn't improve his defence. It may be exciting for us to watch, but shipping as much punishment as he did against Maidana on a regular basis is not good for the brain.


It seems to have humbled him at least! mlol/


First fight in his career, I haven't heard him mouthing off like a c*nt afterwards!

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