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Big George's Comeback: Fulligami & Cooper Claim Setups


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--- Interesting that Tony Fulilangi and Bert Cooper are claiming to have set up to fall to Foreman in his comeback.


Fulilangi is less damning in that he claims to have arrived at the decision in the moment, to stay down after suffering his 3rd knockdown, but realistically, he was being blasted apart and can be excused for not wanting to go head to head against an irresistible force after a game effort that had him swing for the fences. George looked sleek at 250lbs and shows some defensive moves and footwork not many credit him with.


George Foreman vs. Tony Fulilangi - Boxrec Boxing Encyclopaedia

Fulilangi told The Miami Herald in 1999 that he took a dive against Foreman. Fulilangi, who received $30,000 to fight Foreman, said nobody asked him to throw the bout. "I went down just to get the money," he said. "I went to the airport with a smile on my face." [1]


Cooper's allegations are more damning, claiming he was set up by Archie Moore who supposedly secured the service of 2 identical twin sisters to lure Cooper into 3 sleepless nights of cocaine, sex, and alcohol before their fight. Cooper could do nothing with Foreman who was detonating jabs and straight rights through his guard without even warming up. Cooper quit on his stool, but really quit before the fight when he supposedly engaged in his sordid tale.


George Foreman vs. Bert Cooper - Boxrec Boxing Encyclopaedia

Cooper later said he hooked up with a pair of identical twin sisters several days before the fight, which began a nonstop binge of alcohol, cocaine and sex. "I didn't sleep for three days," Cooper said. "They set me up." Cooper said he wasn't sure who set him up, but he was told it was Archie Moore, one of Foreman's trainers.


--- Anyway, fighters, promoters, and trainers are the last folks to trust in their accounts that tend to alter circumstances to best support the story that best suits their purpose. I've been talking about canned fights of Floydy, Ward, and Popkins where the ref is forefront in the footage as protecting their interests instead of overseeing a fair enforcement of the rules. This ref stuff has obvious history in the Dempsey and Tyson notorious "long counts" of 14-15 sec when they had Tunney and Douglas down in tough fights. The ref didn't even attempt to make Tunney go to a neutral corner when Dempsey went down later, nor did the ref ever stop Douglas from repeatedly clocking Tyson on breaks.


Facts are even the best fighters sometimes inadvertently commit fouls and even the best ref can miss a tight foul or make a bonehead decision in the heat of the exploding arenas, but sometimes it becomes just too obvious and that's just what we can see. We have examples of modern fighters approaching legendary numbers of Joe Louis 26-0 title wins and Rocky's 49 wins, yet Larry Holmes, Nikolay Valuev, Paul Spadafora, Chris John, and most egregiously Darius Michczewski who was set to simultaneously tie Louis and Rocky. All fell "mysteriously short" after hitting 48 bouts.


Holmes had been propped up several years by winning losing bouts and finally got fairly whupped by Spinks IMO. Valuev inspires huge hate by the usual suspects, but almost nobody started their career with more strikes against him, probably the most international fighter ever where he could have easily been robbed in exotic ports where he was only being promoted as a freak show against the hometown favorite. He finally lost against Ruslan Chagaev who had to be treated for rope burns on his back he stayed so far away from the center of ring. Spady started as a snappy boxer, but became an excon propped up on his powder punches by local homestyle refs before critically dropping the typical decision that he was always winning before. John was leading on the cards to quit on his stool after 6 rounds of toe to toe against Simpiwe Vetyeka, whereas Darius could make a claim of beating popcorn punching JCGonzales after a slow start with a strong finish, but "notorious" German judges wouldn't hear of it.


JCChavez after his first 4 WBC title wins fought the lowest level scrub he could scrape up for his nontitle 49th win deep in Vegas, Roberto Collins Lindo, and obviously ran up to 80something + before derailment : http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=8147&cat=boxer


Ricardo Lopez needed a decision over a modest fighter in Will Grigsby to win his 49th. Noteworthy is that he needed a split decision to win his 48th over undefeated Rosendo Alvarez who had drawn against Lopez the fight before. Lopez record here:

Roberto Collins Lindo - Boxer


Anyway, such is why boxing is so intriguing. In team sports, there's too many personalities with their fingers, money, and interests in the pie. On any given play half the players might be fouling each other, so the refs can't keep up with it all, but why do they suddenly call back the one or more key plays in so many games that affects the scoring?


In boxing, we can look closer, but few really do because obtuse writers too often write nonsense like Rocky Marciano fought his brother several times as a pro, scurrilous claims lacking a even a microgram of substance. On top of flaming charges and counter charges, all we really have are the fights themselves which are infinitely more interesting snips of history than team footage videos which are never sought after like boxing videos.

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Re: Big George's Comeback: Fulligami & Cooper Claim Setups


Pretty harmless claims tbh.


Cooper was a poor trainer and while talented, did seem to get easily sidetracked. If someone tried to purposely set him up, he has to share the blame for being weak - it's not like he was forced to put the white stuff up his nose - a few days before a big fight.


Tony Fulilangi just got his butt kicked in a fight while being well paid.

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