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Roach: 'Pacquiao-Marquez will happen after Mosley'


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Trainer Freddie Roach is not losing hope on a future trilogy fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. "Sugar" Shane Mosley is the reported favorite to face Pacquiao on May 7 in Las Vegas. As long as Pacquiao continues to win his fights, Roach appears confident that third fight with Marquez will happen.


"I'm not too worried. After Mosley, the Marquez fight will still be there. He'll be there after this fight. I don't see Marquez going anywhere. We just have to keep winning and I think that fight will happen," Roach said.


Roach is not sure how bad Marquez really wants the third fight. He says the trilogy could have been taking place in May if not for the very high purse demand from Marquez, who reportedly asked for $5 million dollars.


"Marquez just wants to say no by negotiating the way that he wants to negotiate. That's a polite way of saying no. He doesn't really want to fight us," Roach said.



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