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Hagler vs Hearns Revisited


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This fight has been done to death, the last reference I heard being a young Ring intern describing Kirkland vs Angulo as being Hagler vs Hearns on steroids if you can believe such writing could ever actually exist.


It does today and disrespects the magnificent brutality and intensity of that one of the greatest fights ever, so I found a photo I don't recall seeing before that reflects that fight perfectly. Usual suspects will claim Hearns should have boxed instead of brawled, but they will always fail to understand that Hagler was glued to him to force him into a firefight. Hearns never was able to find any room to box for more than a nanosecond.


What many also fail to understand is how close the fight came to being stopped in Tommy's favor when Marv's eye took a serious turn for the worse. Marv got the official scalp for the record, but both were really equals in admiration by the public over this once in a lifetime spectacle.


Without further ado, as perfect example of the brutal art of pugilism as can be expressed:



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