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Omar Figueroa, never the same?


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We all watched the Omar Figueroa v Nihito Arakawa clash last year with shock and wonderment as to just how was Arakawa staying up right and how was he even fighting back after taking those bombs?


Well Arkawa seems set to return to action (and is rumoured to be up against Jorge Linares). For Arakawa it was another day at the office, albeit a painful one. For Figueroa however there appears to be some long term questions. Will Omar ever be the same?


Figueroa wasn't beaten up, or battered like Arakawa was, he was marked up on the face but certainly looked like "the winner". The truth however is that he may never be the same. He injured his right hand in the bout and has apparently been rehabbing it since the fight. He has yet to fully test it and, without trying to sound melodramatic, may never have his much vaunted punching power in it again.

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