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NSAC Exec Director Keith Kizer Resigns


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More fall out from the biggest robbery in the history of sports as NSAC Exec Director Keith Kizer resigns to return to the state attorney general's office from where he was originally hatched. What with the recent alliance of the NSAC with USADA and allegations of Floydy getting exemptions from positive drug tests made that office too hot to handle. Noteworthy is that the old NSAC chairman reported as Bill Brady at the time of Floydy/Canelo fight has been replaced already by one Francisco Aguilar.


Biggest robbery in the history of sports is was and just look at the fall out already! Shining new imminently more pliable happy faceshttp://www.ringnews24.com/boxingforum/images/icons/icon6.png to be "running" the show. No more rubber stamps! Essentials to be done privately by unspoken "gentleman's agreement" sign language!


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Re: NSAC Exec Director Keith Kizer Resigns


**** More info to the point that seems to point to major shakeups in the US, esp in Nevada where the people enjoy a relatively high standard of living compared to most states.


$1.35 billion in gaming losses last year on a 5 year losing streak dating back to 2008 when, gasp, Floydy skipped out on Vegas. He came back to play small ball with JMMarquez in 2009 and the rest is history as it were......






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