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boxing corruption


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I am doing an article on boxing corruption, Can you please provide some info on this either current of in the past.


If you provide current I will not use any names, please pm me with current info.


Please post boxing history corruption here.





My article so far includes



Current (names will not be provided)



An unnamed referee who has been offered bribes.


A time keeper who has witnessed bribes to get fighters to finals and to the Olympics.





DA's story meeting the mob.



Common Knowledge


You have stories from the 50's, the ones that came out in the Kefauver Comittee. LaMotta throwing the fight with Billy Fox, but that stuff is common knowledge - Ive still to research this.

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Re: boxing corruption


I am doing an article on boxing corruption, Can you please provide some info on this either current of in the past.


--- Don't have anything more than the obvious, say Joe Cortez as an example of the usual suspects.


In my lifetime, several things stand out, first Liston testified at least once, and maybe twice in front of US Congress panel investigating corruption during the 60s. Second, he died only a week or so before another scheduled appearance before Congress.


The FBI heavily investigated Don King and came up with only an explanation that there are few "formal rules" regulating boxing so that his fighter contracts may have been sleazy and exploitive, but not illegal in a broader sense any more than say a pawnbroker's contract with a client for merchandise. Then there was when Mayorga skipped out on a King fight for an MMA debut and King had to secure $one million cash on a Sunday which happened to be a national holiday to put before a judge as a bond to legally stop Mayorga which King mysteriously scraped up as I recall the sequence. Then there was Tito's mysterious $500,000 cash "gift" to King a couple of years ago that was quickly swept under the rug and forgotten.


The FBI also did a long investigation of Top Rank and came away with nothing.


I'd look into getting any transcripts of Liston's testimony to US Congress, perhaps impossible, but most certainly recorded as any fighter/boxing insiders testifying might be, dozens no doubt, maybe hundreds over the years.


Best secure your slime suit before taking such a dive, it don't get any dirtier.....

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Re: boxing corruption


Fighting the Mob - The Carmen Basilio Story

Virtually a whole hour of mob involvement with boxing in the good ol' USA.




This will be a fantastic article if you can draw all the threads together, Bud. And lets be under no illusions, boxing is about money, nothing more - and nothing less - always has been and always will be. And will therefore by default attract leeches.

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