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Bowe vs Golota, The Rubber Match


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Bowe/Golota 1 and 2 a legendary series for all the wrong reasons up to and including a ring riot.


I figure win, lose, or draw, Golota will beat up Bowe again, probably knocking him out this time. Bowe just didn't fancy himself against a big guy who could box and punch like that which is why they avoided Lewis to begin with. Not sure if Bowe could ever beat Golota, but when Bowe retired after that series, Golota looks to have been ranked substantially over Bowe who had been the #1 contender the year before. Very odd that series but boxing would be much poorer but for that kind of low brow drama.

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Re: Bowe vs Golota, The Rubber Match


Here's an "honest" appraisal of the fight, hilarious:




The brawl started at the end of the aborted seventh round, when the dogged Golota finally was disqualified for persistent blows below the belt and a battered Bowe was declared the winner.

Golota and Bowe had hardly returned to their corners when a fight broke out inside the ring. The first punch, aimed at people in Golota's corner, appeared to be thrown by someone coming from the direction of Bowe's entourage.

However, within seconds, dozens of supporters of both fighters and a wave of screaming fans invaded the ring, scuffling with each other and, in one instance, hitting Golota over the head with what appeared to be a cellular phone. Caught in a writhing knot of angry fans, Golota's silver-haired trainer, Lou Duva, 74, suddenly collapsed. Paramedics struggled through the crowd to get a stretcher to him--and to get him out of the arena.

A horrified Jim Lampley, announcing the fight live for HBO, nervously told his audience that his 16-year-old daughter was out there on the floor, "somewhere," and then lamented the state of America that such violence could attend a sporting event.

Among the many tragedies, large and small, was the fact that it apparently was sparked by Golota's repeated pummeling of Bowe's crotch. Known for biting and head-butting in many of his fights, Golota didn't need to do anything but fight straight Thursday night.

In fact, Bowe was in such shaky shape by the fourth round that the only surprise was that Golota several times seemed strangely reluctant to finish him off. Instead, he seemed drawn to the flamboyant "Big Daddy" scrolled in red embroidery over the crotch area of Bowe's white shorts.

This fixation cost him three points before he finally was disqualified. Said a disgusted George Foreman of Golota, "No doubt, he could have whipped (Bowe) and whipped him easily."

At the end of six rounds, the Associated Press card had Golota ahead by three points, but it would have been six if not for the penalty points assessed against Golota.

Golota had Bowe in big trouble in the fifth round. He landed a right and left to the head that stunned Bowe. He followed that with a hard right and left. Later in the round, he stunned Bowe with a flurry of punches to the head, ending with a big right.

For Bowe, it was a very bad night that ended in an empty victory that will do little to help him achieve his dream of a matchup with WBC champion Mike Tyson.















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