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Bernstein thinks Broner should head back to 135


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Re: Bernstein thinks Broner should head back to 135


Al Bernstein, US boxing commentator, thinks Adrien Broner should focus his business two weights down and head back to 135 after being defeated by Marcos Maidana.





--- From what I saw, I want him to stay at 147 so maybe I get a crack at him. Lessee, zero defense save for holding and even Maidana was able to avoid most of his weak offense.


That's worth an 8 week diet, or even better, a fight at his street weight which looked around 180 so I won't have need to cut my daily beer and ice cream. I'm ready tomorrow to go a full 12 rounds from what I saw if he wants to throw down. I suspect even the GB feathers are flooding Hayman's office with offers to fight him at any weight, so I may have to stand in line a while!

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