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Tony Sibson did it the hard way


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Leicester's Former British commonwealth and European middleweight champion, Tony Sibson became acknowledged as a British boxing favourite with the fight fans, who were always entertained by Tony's hard working style that complimented his quick combinations and power while accompanying good boxing ability. It could be suggested by many (me included) that Tony's style grew into the mould of a very good box fighter, with a powerful left hook. Tony didn't shy away from a slugfest, if this was required, and he was involved in some highly publicised fights as he climbed up the rankings punching his way to domestic championship level, while earning an impressive start to his professional career by winning 24 of his first 25 fights, with 1 draw before suffering his first loss to African boxer Lottie Mwale - who himself became the commonwealth and WBC international light heavyweight champion, later in his career.




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