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Meeting the mob


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I visited my friend in Chicago, who has one of the largest fight film collections in the world, in 1998. He took me to the cemetery where Jack Johnson and Bob Fitzsimmons were buried, and also arranged a meeting to meet Sean Curtin, the head of the Chicago Boxing Board of Control. Sean is a personal friend of Muhammed Ali - he had a collection of Ali memorabilia you would die for. Then my friend arranged for me to meet the infamous Truman Gibson, who was in cahoots with Frankie Carbo in the IBC scandal that controlled boxing in the 1950s.Truman was born on 22nd January 1912 and passed away 23rd December 2005. He was a lawyer and financial advisor to Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson. On meeting Truman for lunch, I had so many questions I wanted to ask him, hoping he would at least answer some. I asked what was the outcome of the trial when he was in the dock with Frankie Carbo - he looked surprised that I asked that question. He said "I got 5 years probation and a hefty fine, which at the time I thought I got off lightly." It seemed that he took a liking to me (could have been my goodlooks or my charm), but the lunch ended abruptly as a chauffeur-driven car came to pick him up. We shook hands and he said "Next time you're in Chicago we will meet up." I said my friend would let him know when I was in Chicago next time around.




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