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The Lucky 13 Draw of Luck McCarty


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The Lucky 13 Draw of Luck McCarty



by Bobby Mac aka @LondonRingRules



The date is March 17, 1892, five years before Bob Fitzsimmons buried a left hook up the gut of James J. Corbett to claim his World Heavyweight Title in Carson, City, Nevada.



Tucked in a tiny enclave so obscure that it’s scarcely remembered today, Driftwood Creek, Nebraska, another legend of the ring and future heavyweight champion of the world was born, Luther “Luck” McCarty.



How many future heavyweight champs are born on the same day as such a momentous heavyweight title bout have there been? What are the odds you ask? Well, the short answer is only this one lucky young man, yet this wouldn’t be the first time the luck of the draw favoured young Luck McCarty.



His father,Anton P. McCarty, was reputed to be an Indian, standing well over 6 feet and well over 300lbs, a big man even by modern standards. With his mother standing 6 foot and weighing a stout 200lbs, it was obvious that young Lute as he was known back then, was gonna be a mighty big boy. Even his older sister was big and strong and athletic enough to tour as a woman’s punch bag champion.



Luther’s Ma passed away shortly after he was born, so Pa moved the family to Sidney, Ohio as his new base of operations where he could make the rounds as a travelling medicine man, selling snake oil remedies and other assorted and sordid medicines to the local populace while accompanied by a troupe of “entertainers.” Pa was known by his Indian name of Chief White Eagle and his business had a name, The White Eagle Medicine Company. He dressed in full Indian garb as part of the show, which performed as White Eagle walked through the transfixed audience to sell his cure-all elixirs.



Read more: http://www.ringnews24.com/history/item/4695-the-lucky-13-draw-of-luck-mccarty

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