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Super Featherweight Boxing Quiz


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5/28 - Which champion was the last champion for over 20 years?


You have Barney Ross, Ross was never the Champion in that division. Ross won the Lightweight, Super Lightweight (Junior Welterweight) and Welterweight Titles.


Actually Frankie Klick is the right answer and the time was several days short of 16 years not 20. Klick beat Kid Chocolate on Christmas day in 1933. The next Champion was Sandy Saddler on December 6, 1949. Recognized by PA Athletic Commission, title had been discontinued by NBA.


If your going by the NBA, then the last Champion was Kid Chocolate in 1932 and the next one was Harold Gomes in 1959.



10/28 Babby (Bobby) Chacon and Rafael Limon met in 3 fights, the second was for the NABF title, what was the result?


You have No Decision as the answer, actually it was a Technical Draw. Fight was stopped due to Limon's badly cut right eye. It was ruled that Chacon had committed an unintentional head butt, and since he was leading on the scorecards, the fight was declared a draw.

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