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HBO looking to make Golovkin vs Kirkland


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Re: HBO looking to make Golovkin vs Kirkland


Kirkland gets killed.


--- Shame on HBO if this is what they want, to throw a rusty confused kid who has yet to put together a significant streak without long interruptions.


Triple the shame on 2-bits if he allows this. Kirkman always has a puncher's chance, but GGG is lithe on his feet with solid boxing skills who wins so steadfastly on technique in the early rounds that Kirkman is likely a mess by the end of the 3rd round if he makes it that far.


Put Kirkman on the undercard and let him make the full 160 limit against a credible fringe contender type like Truax. Stevens would be a great fight though a little dangerous for his first fight, but we'll see soon enough. Build Kirkman properly like a true manager is supposed to. Any jerk can take the money and cash out, and remember, Kirkman turned down the Canelo fight for his own personal reason and never fought for Goldenboy again though he said he'd go for $3mil, a figure HBO is not likely to subsidize.

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