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How to become the WBO mandatory challenger


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[h=2]SECTION 6. DESIGNATION OF THE MANDATORY CHALLENGER[/h](a) The Mandatory Challenger may be selected and determined by the World Championship Committee according to the current list of the best-classified boxers, promulgated by the WBO Classification Committee. The World Championship Committee shall decide the date on which the determination of the Mandatory Challenger shall be do. For the purpose of designating the Mandatory Challenger, the current list of the Classifications is that which corresponds to the month for which the designation of the Mandatory Challenger is to be made that the World Champion is obliged to defend his Title against the Mandatory Challenger, or any other date in which the World Championship Committee may determine, for just cause.(b)When a Champion must make a mandatory defense, the Mandatory Challenger shall be the highest classified available boxer who, in the judgment of the World Championship Committee, best satisfies the following criteria:

      1. (1) Has a record acceptable to the World Championship Committee, and who, because of accomplishment and achievement, is recognized by the World Championship Committee as a class boxer; and
      2. (2) Complies with the WBO and Association of Boxing Commissions Criteria for the Ratings of Professional Boxers;
      3. and
        (3) In the event that the Champion has a contract with a major television network (HBO, SHOWTIME, ZDF, Sky or other similar broadcast company), is an acceptable challenger to the Champion’s television network.


        © A classified boxer may request recognition as Mandatory Challenger in writing to the WBO on forms which contain substantially the provisions of the comply with the Application for Designation as Mandatory Contender contained on the WBO web site. Alternatively, the Committee may designate a Mandatory Challenger based on the above criteria. In either event, the Mandatory Challenger must agree to be subject to and to abide by the Regulations and to be bound to participate in and comply with the results of a purse. The World Championship Committee may deny a request for recognition based on any of the above referred criteria or because the Champion has an approved unification bout, or an approved unification tournament is scheduled, or if the Champion is contesting the Championship with a WBO Super Champion or a WBO Champion, or for other good cause.(d) If a fighter is classified higher than the Mandatory Challenger, and is not designated the Mandatory Challenger because of criteria three (3), or for other good cause, the Championship Committee has the authority to order an eliminatory bout between the higher classified boxer or boxers provided that at least one of the elimination bout contestants is considered an acceptable challenger to the Champion’s broadcast company. The winner of the elimination bout shall be then designated the Mandatory Challenger.(e) The designation of a Mandatory Challenger creates an obligation on behalf of the Champion to defend against the designated Mandatory Challenger as a condition to the Champion’s retention of the title. This obligation may be subject to modification or extension by the Championship Committee for good cause, such as (but not limited to) participation by the Champion in a unification bout or a unification tournament on such terms and conditions as the Championship Committee approves. The designation of Mandatory Challenger does not create rights in the Challenger, and may be subject to such conditions, modification, or extension as the Championship Committee determines.(f)That a Champion has signed a contract for the defense of his championship, even against a Mandatory Challenger approved and designated by the Committee, shall not of itself constitute compliance with these Regulations, unless the Championship defense actually takes place within the stipulated time period.


        Nice to know you can actually REQUEST it.

        Koki v Narvaez here we come!

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