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Bundu and Purdy end year in style


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Saturday night in London saw Matchroom's year end promotion culminate in an outstanding fight for the European welterweight title.* The show took place at the ExCel Arena in Dockland, the site for the London Olympic boxing programme in 2012.* Although this show was far more low-key than that event, and excitement throughout was at a premium, it was almost made up for by Italian Leonard Bundu's successful defence of his title against Colchester's Lee Purdy in the main event.This fight was a straight battle between skill and will, with former top amateur proponent Bundu an absolute joy to watch with his artistry, desperately trying to fend off the almost superhuman effort of the Briton.* It will be the purists who left happy after the fight, with Bundu finally subduing the far less skilled Purdy and stopping him with just seconds remaining in the final round.* This tough battle might just get a few mentions when the 2013 domestic fight of the year is debated.




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