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Pacman,Taxman and Barbarity in Boxing


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Great boxers have common trademarks.* Most distinct among them is their ability to make a fellow “great” boxer look like amateurish. Who would ever conceive that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios would end up to be teddy bears for Floydie and Pac to toy around? Manny Pacquiao’s easy win versus the hard-hitting pressure fighter last weekend was awesome.* The same “old” Pacman is not only back, he is back smarter and stronger.* He did not knockout Rios not because he could not.** After round ten, I knew he would not.* Not that Pacman didn’t have the power to execute a knockout to a durable boxer, he just had the “courage” to refuse doing it to an apparently losing, hurting and helpless opponent.* Though, blood-thirsty, nape-sucking fans craved for more and they meant savagery, forgetting that boxing is a sport, not barbarism.




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