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Hopkins-Pascal Scorecards to be investigated


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Controversy: There is white out on two spots on the official scorecard. Looking at original now.


What I'm seeing, someone whited out the eighth round in Canadian judge card. Bernard would have won the fight ... There is also white out on the first round on the Belgian's card. If that was corrected, Hopkins would have lost his card. But won on two.


From what it looks--repeat, looks--like the changes cost Hopkins. But we don't know the source of the whiteout yet. Officials investigating




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Une décision controversée? À n'en point douter, d'autant plus qu'une première feuille de pointage laissait croire qu'un des juges avait accordé par erreur une note de 10-9 à Jean Pascal au huitième round. Au terme du combat, La Presse a pu constater que des traces de correcteur étaient clairement visibles sur la feuille, et le clan Hopkins n'a pas manqué de crier au vol au terme du combat.


«Il y a avait des traces de correcteur sur la carte du juge canadien, a tonné Richard Schaefer, président de Golden Boy, la compagnie derrière Bernard Hopkins. Mais surtout, le juge de la Belgique a scoré un round de 10-10 au 10e. Un round de 10-10, combien de fois ça arrive, ça? Si le gars de la Belgique fait son travail comme il le faut, on a un nouveau champion du monde. C'est franchement inexplicable.»


Source : http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/autres-sports/boxe/201012/18/01-4353794-dans-la-controverse-pascal-conserve-son-titre.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B42_acc-manchettes-dimanche_369233_accueil_POS1

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Someone on facebook, not a proper judge, he was saying that Pascal won and he felt the cards were 115-113 with the above being his scores....


good and so he should


there's no way Pascal had any sort of a shout at winning the fight


even a draw was a ridiculous result

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It seems that the Canadian judge gave the eighth round by mistake to Pascal


And Belgian judge gave a 10-10 round 10. Was clearly Hopkins round.


What a f*cking shame.


Bute/Andrade I, now this.


And everybody in Quebec say that we are clean (not like in Germany witht he robbery Lucas/Beyer)


Not good for the sport, not good for Quebec

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TLW wanna translate the French stuff to English for us?

f***** shame that the judges can't writ properly =/

Though the WBC brought in open scoring, what happened with that?...


It seems that the Canadian judge gave the eighth round by """mistake""" to Pascal

. Liquid paper was visible on the card.

And Belgian judge gave a 10-10 round 10. Was clearly Hopkins round.

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Hauser on Pascal vs. Hopkins: Bernard Got Jobbed


A champion shouldn’t retain his title when he wins three of twelve rounds in a title fight. But that’s the gift that two judges bestowed upon Jean Pascal in Quebec City on Saturday night.


Watching a fight on television is different from being there. I viewed Pascal-Hopkins from the comfort of my living room. One presumes that the judges had a better view of the action than I did. That said; I think Bernard won the fight.


Pascal scored flash knockdowns in the first and third rounds. Take away those knockdowns, and Hopkins would have won both of those rounds on my scorecard. Rounds ten and twelve were close from where I sat. Other than that, I thought that Bernard clearly won every round.


Hopkins fought more aggressively than expected. Pascal attacks when his opponent isn’t attacking. Bernard went into the fight knowing that constant pressure was the key to keeping Jean from launching his own lunging assault. Hopkins was the aggressor throughout the night, raking hooks to the body augmented by occasional overhand rights. By the middle rounds, the fight had the look of Bernard’s 2006 beatdown of Antonio Tarver.


People talk about Pascal having a “granite” chin (which is overstating the case). He certainly doesn’t have a granite body. By round seven, Jean was a gun-shy, safety-first fighter. He was more competitive in rounds ten and twelve. Giving Pascal both of those rounds plus an extra point for each knockdown would have left him with a 114-112 deficit. I had it 115-111 for Hopkins.


Judge Steve Morrow scored the fight 114-112 for Bernard. Claude Paquette and Daniel Van de Wiele had it even. That’s strange scoring, given the fact that Hopkins had a 171-105 edge in punches landed and appeared to land the more damaging blows.


Prior to fighting Pascal, Hopkins was asked how he felt about fighting in Jean’s home province of Quebec.


“I'd rather be fighting in Canada than Ecuador,” Bernard answered.


That was a reference to 1994, the last time that Hopkins journeyed outside the United States, when he fought to a draw against Segundo Mercado in Quito.


Next time, Bernard might rather fight in Ecuador.



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Hopkins did win the fight but at least he has the poor verdict of a draw against an in-his-prime upstart on his ledger. If anybody is feeling blue about the verdict, it'll be Pascal. Montreal wants to preserve the biggest fight in Canadian history ever with Pascal/Bute....but will it's own people believe that Hopkins really lost?
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Bernard Hopkins: “I’m going to stand up because my legs are fresh. I’m a fifteen round fighter, but they don’t have that no more, it was abandoned 15-20 years ago. People asked before I came up to Canada, ‘Bernard, are you worried about the judges?’ I said no because I believe when you put on a show, no matter what I think, the world and the fans will see what they see. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Canada, but there comes a time, no matter who you are, where you have to say that Bernard fought a hell of a fight and he believe’s he won. It’s alright to say that. It’s no crime speaking your mind. Your counterparts might not like it, but it’s okay. There’s one thing about TV. People from around the world, when they see what they see, it is what it is.


“I feel great. I fought a young man’s fight in a young man’s sport.


“I’m a bit different. I said promoting this fight that you all were going to see something that you haven’t seen from Bernard Hopkins. I got hit with shots, I took them. I got hit in the back of the hit, they called it a knockdown. I believe I hit him with a short right hand, they called it a slip. But I ain’t complaining. It’s a Canadian referee, okay.

You all seen it. A masterpiece. Taking the young guy to school. You saw a 45 year old come to Canada and get a draw. Just say the knockdowns were legitimate. I still get a draw in Canada. Don’t miss the facts. I come to his home town and suppose I get knocked down once or twice or whatever they said, I come to Canada and get a draw?

I’m not going anywhere. I’m a dangerous 45 year old fighter in history. You saw a young man’s fight tonight.


“I’m happy with my fight tonight because I fought my heart out. I got off the canvas, either legitimately or un-legitimately and fought a champion’s fight. You all seen my heart. You all saw I pushed the fight the last couple rounds. I pushed the fight; I had the young guy holding on. I’m not up here crying over spilt milk, the only thing we’re saying is that we thought Canada was a place you could come and whoever wins, wins. Whoever loses, loses.


“Pascal knew he was in a fight, he knew I wasn’t 45 years old, he knew he had to run to save his life and to save his belt….especially the last two rounds.


“This is a perfect fight for a senior citizen.


“Why would I (come back). Forget the age thing, although that’s impressive, I could hang my hat on that and say nothing after that. That’s impressive. I’m from the States, I come and fight a guy that’s 28 years old, young, strong, from Canada, in his home town, and I get a draw?


“I went to Quito Ecuador versus Segundo Mercado in 1994, suffered two knockdowns, I got up and knocked him down twice, they gave me one of them but didn’t give me two and guess what I got there? A draw! I fought him again and knocked him down in 5th (note actually 7th) round.


“I’m used to this but that doesn’t mean I should be happy about injustice. He was in a fight tonight, we saw a young guy running from an old grandpa.”



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I just watched the fight and I scored it a draw...


Pascal vs Hopkins

10-8 (Knockdown)

10-9 (nothing much of note, Pascal the aggressor)

10-8 (knockdown, and Hopkins could easily have been deducted a point for throwing about 5 punches after the bell)

10-10 (Hopkins dominating the early exchanges but Pascal coming back good. Another knockdown from punch to the back of the head which isn't counted)

9-10 (Hopkins round easily)

9-10 (Not much to choose between them, but Hopkins doing the better work in bursts)

9-10 (Pascal barely throwing a punch, easily Hopkins' round)

10-9 (Pascal doing the better work)

9-10 (A back and forth round where Hopkins "just" edged it. Not a lot to choose between them in the end).

10-10 (Nothing much between them. Both guys throwing a couple of flurries, but noone doing enough to win).

9-10 (Hopkins round easily. Even first minute, Pascal rocked in the middle, and all Hopkins in the final minute. Pascal down also from what seemed a push).

9-10 (Scrappy final round. A lot of heads and holding, reasonably even, but Hopkins takes it as the aggressor. Great final minute and a 10-10 wouldn't be out of place either).






I don't think it's as much of a robbery as some people are making out.

The fight was controlled at Hopkins' pace which made him look better, but most rounds didn't have a whole lot between them.

IMO, there were 6 close rounds which could have gone either way, and it looked worse overall, because Hopkins was far better down the stretch, and Pascal had far too many rounds where he didn't do near enough.


It reminded me a bit of Pascal's performance vs Froch, where he showed his opponent far too much respect and his workrate was poor.

I think if you look across the whole fight, then I think Hopkins deserves the win, but if you take it round by round, there's nothing between them.

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I had it 7-5 rounds to Bhop. And a 113-113 draw due to the early KDs for Pascal.


I did give Bhop at least 1 or 2 close rounds. I felt Pascal won the early rounds very clearly. Whereas Bhop won 1 or 2 very closely. So i had it a draw in the end.


I'm surprised no judge had it for Pascal considering one had it for Bhop.


A rematch would be fair. I was impressed with how Bhop came back from losing the first 3 or 4 rounds AND getting knocked down twice to win the majority of the latter rounds. It was one of his best performances for sure.

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I don't think it's as much of a robbery as some people are making out.


This is true.


A "robbery" in boxing terms is when a boxer CLEARLY wins a bout and at the end of the fight the commentators say something like this: "Well, the judges weren't watching the same fight as us". Or in the case of Lennox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield I: "Lennox Lewis won the title and he has been robbed. He won the fight and he didn't get the World titles".


This wasn't a robbery in the slightest. I scored round 4 to Bhop. But, it seems most people scored it to Pascal (along with the first 3 rounds).


This means after 4 rounds of action the scorecards read: 40-34 to Pascal.


Hopkins was already behind by 6 points with only 8 rounds remaining. I scored 7 of the last 9 rounds to Bhop.


I gave him round 4 which many people didn't. And i gave him at least one other round that was VERY close.


If you trail 6 points away from home after 4 rounds of course it's going to be near impossible to claw back the win.

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