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Q&A: Odlanier Solis


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Heavyweight contender Odlanier Solis (16-0, 12 KOs), a three-time world amateur champion (unbeaten at major events) and Olympic gold medalist, still undefeated as a professional hopes that his name will be shortly recognized and mentioned the same way people are talking about world champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye. “In couple of days in Miami, I will beat Ray Austin. Vitali is the next in line,” said the 30-year-old Cuban residing in Miami.


Odlanier, you were an Olympic champion, amateur world champion. Now you want to become the best as a professional. Which is more important to you?


They are completely different. When you fight for Olympic gold, for a world championship, you are fighting for pride and country. As a pro, you fight for money. I’m a proud man. For me both are equally important. There are enormous differences between being a professional and amateur fighter. Being a pro means knocking people out, you have to be a fighter more than a boxer. The difference between fighting four rounds as an amateur and twelve as pro is a completely different, incomparable experience.


In US you are perceived as a very talented but not really loving a workout guy…


…because people here don’t know me. They will change their opinion after December 17, after my fight with Ray Austin. If I’m so lazy why was nobody was able to beat me in my 450 amateur and all professional fights?


What comes to your mind when you hear Tomasz Adamek’s name?


Small, very good cruiserweight who wants to fight real heavyweights – like me.


There are Klitschko brothers, David Haye…


The Klitschkos are boring and Haye does not want to fight anybody serious. Nobody, with maybe the exception of Adamek, throws as many punches as I do in this division.


Are you taking negative opinions about your work ethic personally?


I do. I’m a proud Cuban.


Is David Haye a real world champion or a great marketing product?


David does whatever he wants. Has his English fans, knows how to sell himself. That’s it.


Would you like to fight him?


What for? I already destroyed him in 2001, when we were fighting for the world championship in Dublin, when ref was protecting him from a KO. It would be the same this time.


Before you will be able to challenge Vitali for his WBC title, you have to beat Ray Austin.


We are aware of what Ray brings to the table, heavy punch, experience. I will not make any predictions, except that this time people will know for sure how good a boxer I am. It’s personal this time around.


You will fight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Almost like fighting in Cuba…


Almost. Here everybody can buy a ticket and see me fighting. Cuba would be different, but I don’t want to talk about it and make problems…



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I was rewatching Solis' amateur win over Haye yesterday, and he was in much better shape back then. Solis seems way too tubby these days.


Aye, he only really piled the pounds on when he turned pro, but you also have to bear in mind that he was a young guy back then, and he may have been living the same lifestyle, but it has only caught up with him over a long period of time.


As a pro, it's often an advantage to carry a bit of extra weight, particularly at heavyweight, but obviously not as much as he does do!

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