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Team Maidana Statement


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Contrary to what some might think after his loss against Amir Khan last Saturday at the Mandalay Bay arena, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana walks happy and proud of himself around the streets of Las Vegas. Everybody recognizes him and congratulates for his tremendous performance, which fell a few punches short to end in what it could have been a historical knock-out win in the tenth round.


“Since we didn’t have to depart on Sunday as usual, this is the first time I have some time to spend with my team in Las Vegas after a fight. It’s quite an impressive city,” Maidana said.


In a highly anticipated encounter, Khan and Maidana gave an incredible effort which well might end up being the fight of the year according to boxing experts.


“It was a hell of a fight. He (Amir) is a great, skillful and fast boxer. And he proved that he can take a punch. He is a great champion,” Maidana said.


However, members of Maidana team are very upset about the performance of referee Joe Cortez, whom according to a vast majority of boxing observers favored Khan all through the 12 rounds.


“We officially protested Joe Cortez’ appointment to the Nevada State Athletic Commission citing a few points. First of all and with all due respect, Joe is not fit to referee a fast fight last this. Secondly, we mentioned his terrible performance a few weeks back, when he allowed numerous fouls during the Celestino Caballero vs. Jason Litzau fight, harming Caballero’s chances. Even in the dressing room, we specifically advised Cortez to allow Maidana work on the in-fighting. All Cortez did was exactly the opposite, by permanently stepping in the middle for no reason, like he did in the tenth round, when Maidana was clearly on the verge of knocking Amir out. Not to mention the deduction of one point in the fifth round, when both fighters were on a clinch and fouled each other,” Maidana’s advisor Sebastian Contursi said.


“Maidana, indeed, seemed to let his elbow out, but just out of frustration after Cortez was bothering him all the time. It can be seen that he had no intention to hit Amir. On the other hand, it is hard to understand how come the Nevada Commission did not appoint a single official belonging to the WBA even though this was unification bout between two WBA champions,” Contursi added.


Nonetheless, Maidana make no excuses and looks ahead for a great future.


“I am very upset at the ref. He did everything against me. But that is gone now. I take nothing away from Amir, he is a great champ. Now I’ll get some rest in my country, probably make a return fight in Argentina and then my people will put me back in the US for another big bout,” Maidana said.


Both HBO and Golden Boy Promotions have told Maidana that they want him back real soon. And even Oscar de la Hoya himself promised in public during the post-fight press conference that he will travel to Argentina to pay tribute to Maidana.



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