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Rogan v Teper


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A new heavyweight on the horizon (spoilers included)


Erkan Teper is 12-0 with 8 kos and has scored two first round kos over British "contenders" Michael Sprott and Martin Rogan (last night). He also beat Gbenga Oloukun and Cisse Salif, two solid if somewhat shopworn African heavyweights. Can he be worth anything? He's listed at 6'5...must be the biggest Turkish fighter ever, lol. He's 31 however. Thats what pisses me off, some of these promising fighters don't turn pro until they are already in their late 20's or early 30's, thus having only half the careers they could have had.

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Re: A new heavyweight on the horizon (spoilers included)


...I have a feeling I'm making invisible topics now-a-days.


I have a feeling Teper had been a B grade amateur though I'm not certain.


The bad thing with this current HW landscape is that you can actually work your way to a title shot without any litmus test. Watching him convinces me that he was never a top-shelf amateur, and he'll have circles boxed around him when he meets someone who was. I take a look at these fights and I see someone like Mike Perez just making him look foolish.

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Re: Rogan v Teper


The End


--- Great clip of a tragic end. Rogie was the real deal as far as making full use of his natural attributes after a late start.


In the end, he was just that bit too much of a gentleman to quite make his highest potential, but therein lays his greatness for his times, a cut above modern day exploiters of the ring relying on grandstanding and gratuitous officiating for their rankings.

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