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Liverpool's John Quigley Moves to USA to Continue His Boxing Career


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Ringnews24.com: You are currently 9-0, what are your thoughts on how your career is progressing so far? My career was a bit stop-start at the beginning, but now it's really started to gain momentum and I'm excited to see what the future holds. I've just got to keep working hard in the gym and performing in the ring. Ringnews24.com:* You have recently taken your boxing career from Liverpool to the USA; can you tell us why you decided to switch? It's always been my dream to fight in America and when the opportunity opened up to me I grabbed it with both hands. It all started when I saw Olympic bronze medallist Tony Jeffries tweet "there's a massive opportunity out here in L.A for any unbeaten prospects who aren't in a contract" - over 80 boxers applied and I was the only one who got through.




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Re: Liverpool's John Quigley Moves to USA to Continue His Boxing Career


Not seen him mate, a couple of the lads saw him a on the Olympia and said he was a tidy little boxer but looked as though he was lacking power to get beyond domestic level, I guess we will wait and see!!

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