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Trainer Spotlight: Henry Tillman


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Winning a gold medal is prestigious enough, especially these days where Olympic boxers from the United States have better odds of winning figure skating gold than boxing gold. However, getting to win it in front of your home country AND hometown? It can't get any sweeter than that. Thus is the story of Henry Tillman. Tillman is a former heavyweight gold medalist, who attained this goal in the Los Angeles games of 1984. Tillman also beat Mike Tyson twice in the amateurs. What followed was a professional career with many ups and downs, including title shots and big name opponents. Yet, for Tillman, who has been training fighters for over 20 years now, it has all come full circle. One of his fighters, undefeated heavyweight KO artist, Charles Martin, is fighting on the Hollywood Fight Night show at Florentine Gardens in Hollywood, November 14th. Tillman talked with Chris Strait for this show's trainer spotlight.




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