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Boyd Melson to be Knighted


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On Sunday, November 17, Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson, junior middleweight boxer and charitable figure, will be knighted by St. John of Jerusalem.*The Order of St. John is one of the greatest treasures of Christendom and is one of the world’s oldest, continuing knightly institutions. The Order is the world's oldest humanitarian organization nominating members of society into Knighthood because of their commitment towards helping improve our world's humanity through their chosen humanitarian acts.* The development and expansion of the Order has influenced the course of world history and bridged the disparate cultures of the Christian East and West. The Order began in the eleventh century as a local charitable institution, a hospital, in Jerusalem. Founded by a group of pious men, led by Brother Gerald the Blessed, it rapidly gained world fame for spiritual and temporal care of pilgrims traveling to and in the Holy Land. In time, the Order also protected them. This is the reason it developed its military arm, which soon transformed this devout group into a great military-religious brotherhood.




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