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Fernando Guerrero vs. Raymond Gatica Full Fight


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Re: Fernando Guerrero vs. Raymond Gatica Full Fight


Did that Ref have the worst Toupee you ever saw in your life? :laugh:


Seriously, I don't know what the judges were seeing. If you give Gatica the first round 10-8 and he clearly won the 10th, then you've got to have Guerrero pretty much sweeping everything else to come up with a 96-93 victory. The fight might've been in Texas, but it could've just as well been held in Guererro's home state of Maryland and at least I'd understand the scorecards. That was a hometown decision only rendered 1500 miles away. Sad that they took a local journeyman fighter fighting in front of his homefolks and didn't credit him with the upset that this really should've been. If you wanted to give Guererro all the breaks and come out with a Draw Card, I could've lived with that.....but he didn't win that fight by three points, and he sure as hell shouldn't have had all three of the so-called "judges" insisting that he did.

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