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Don Broadhurst back in action and looking for titles at flyweight


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http://static.boxrec.com/wiki/d/da/Donbroadhurst.jpgFormer Commonwealth super-flyweight champion Don ‘The Don’ Broadhurst (14-3) returns to action at Villa Park on Saturday November 23. Manager Jon Pegg will match him at ‘around 8st 7lbs’ but the 29 year-old hopes to box for flyweight titles by the end of the season.

Broadhurst was based in Australia for a spell, but headed home to Birmingham earlier this year after his mother was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"I'm coming back with a bang," said Birmingham born Broadhurst. "I'm a new Don Broadhurst with a new attitude. I used to socialise a lot and was training to make the weight rather than training to get fit.

"But a lot has happened to me in the last year and I've grown up. I'm a man now. I'm a dad (daughter Nancy was born in May) and that's given me extra motivation. I don't mind not going out. I'm happy where I am now."

Broadhurst enjoyed his spell in Brisbane, based with trainer Gareth Williams. He fought there just once in May last year, stopping Thai Yodsaenkeng Kietmangmee (12—6). He had a fruitful amateur career, winning the ABAs and Commonwealth Games Gold, but admits that he found the switch to the professional code hard:

"I boxed every week or so when I was an amateur, and was hoping to have 15 fights a year as a pro.

"But fights fell through and I wasn't active enough. It was nobody's fault, it's just the way boxing is, but I found it really disheartening. I was fighting to pay the bills and it was hard when I wasn't getting fights.

"But I've got a job now and I'm settled."





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