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Mike Tyson: David Haye is not ready for the Klitschkos


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According to former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, more time is needed before WBA champion David Haye is physically ready to fight either of the Klitschko brothers. Tyson told BoxingScene.com's Rick Reeno that Haye needs to be more active and fight several times per year.


Tyson doesn't think Haye is going to be sharp enough by fighting once or twice a year. Tyson likes what the Klitschko brothers are doing wth their activity level. Both brothers try to fight at least three times per year. Before he makes a deal to fight a Klitschko, Tyson wants to see Haye in the ring with some of the Klitschkos' past opponents.


"Before he even does that. David Haye should beat the guys the Klitschkos beat and compare the two fights. He should fight the guys the Klitschkos beat and then after he beats like 5 guys that the Klitschkos beat, then he and the Klitschkos should fight. That's if he wants it. He hasn't fought anybody. He needs to stay sharp. He needs to stay sharp if he wants to become a successful champion," Tyson told BoxingScene.com.


"Tyson doesn't exactly agree with Haye's selection of Audley Harrison for November 13, but he's not against the fight taking place because Haye shouldn't sit around waiting; he should be out there fighting a live body to stay active.


"He should fight somebody. Instead of not fighting anybody, he should fight somebody. You need to fight somebody. You need to stay active. You need to stay sharp and fight like four times a year. You can't just fight one time a year. He should fight four times a year for two years, and then fight the Klitschkos," Tyson said.


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Personally I think it should be mandatory for champions to make two or even three defences a year. Contenders then get their chance, the fighters get a payday and the fans are satisfied.


In years past fighters fought more frequently, and did fifteen rounds, yet today's athletes are supposed to be fitter and stronger than those of yesteryear. Why don't they fight more?

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