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Haye's a clown


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Klitschko - Haye's a clown

Wladimir taunts Haye and begs him not to get knocked out


Wladimir Klitschko has begged David Haye not to get knocked out by Audley Harrison - so he can finally get him in the ring.


The world's leading heavyweight pleaded with the Briton to emerge unscathed when he defends his world title in Best of Enemies on November 13, live on Sky Box Office.


Klitschko insists Haye could lose it all when he goes in against his one-time friend and fears he will never get to fight the man he also branded "a chicken" and "a clown".


In London to promote his own title defence against Dereck Chisora, the Ukrainian had a message for the WBA champion when he joined Ringside for a heavyweights special.


"Please don't get KO'd in the next fight against Audley Harrison, please!" he said. "I'm begging you, pleeeease - that's with a lot of e's - don't ket KO'd.


"It could happen, there's a chance that Audley Harrison can knock David out. My former sparring partner Monte Barrett knocked him down and David had to get on his knee to recover.


"I am really, really concerned about this fight. He says he is so impressive as a fighter, but did you see the fight with (Nikolai) Valuev? He was like a chicken, dancing around, dancing around, grabbing, scratching, moving back. It was just disgusting, I'm sorry."


Klitschko's sarcastic swipe is the latest in a long line of public insults that have flown back and forth between him, his elder brother Vitali, and Haye.


Fights with both brothers have fallen through even though the boy from Bermondsey said he wanted to unify the heavyweight division as soon as he took Nikolai Valuev's belt back in November 2009.


And Klitschko, who has beaten Eddie Chambers and Samuel Peter since then, believes there is only one person to blame.



"We gave David Haye the chance to fight us more than once, but he bailed out," he said.


"Each time he found an excuse. The contract didn't fit well, this and that. The contract (to fight Vitali) - and Frank Warren mentioned it today - there weren't any issues with it, we signed it straight away, like standard.


"And David Haye signed a contract before when he was supposed to fight me.


"It's just an excuse, he's a coward and he's a liar. David Haye is just finding another excuse not to fight the Klitschko brothers because he knows he's going to get KO'd.


"He has been saying 'next year I'm going to be 31 and I won't fight again', it it's like another excuse's he's preparing. So it sound like when a fight with the Klitschko's doesn't happen, he's said before 'I'm going to retire'.


"By the way, I want to tell you little by little he's turning into a clown. He performs, he puts a lot action into himself and at certain times it's good - but he goes overbands (sic) it, so boxing fans don't take him seriously any more."




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Wlad is definitely as bad as Haye now, he's obsessed with David Haye!


he hasn't shut up about him in the past 5 months


sure he fancys him mlol/


Wladimir does come across as being a screaming bender at times. He and Chisora should get on very well!


haha he has got that look about him

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Wlad is definitely as bad as Haye now, he's obsessed with David Haye!


he hasn't shut up about him in the past 5 months


at least hes willing to fight, don't mind little bit of mouthing off when at least klitschko is prepared to follow through and fight, haye is a clown


Wlad is also prepared to be a twat in negotiations

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