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Zsolt Erdei's fighting in America next


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Unbeaten Hungarian Zsolt Erdei is fighting in Atlantic City on November 20th.


The 36 year old has held the WBO Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight titles.


Some have claimed that Erdei is a special talent while others say he's a stay at home champ.


Erdei is fighting now in the US as he has signed for Lou DiBella. "I have followed him for a while and watched a number of his fights, and he's a high quality guy," DiBella said. "He has superstar status in Hungary. He's like a rock star there. He doesn't need the money. He didn't come back for the money. Coming to America is about legacy and about trying to prove he's belongs with the top guys, that he can beat the top guy. That is why he's coming back."


"He hasn't taken a lot of punishment," DiBella said. "His weight doesn't fluctuate much. So at 36, it's not a big deal to keep fighting. He doesn't have a lot of mileage on him. He has taken care of himself and believes he has a lot left. But he's not looking for a five-year comeback. He's looking for four or five fights. He thinks he can beat the top guys at light heavyweight -- Jean Pascal, Chad Dawson, that level of guy."


Erdie is looking forward to fighting in the US. "What's coming up next for me is in America," Erdei said. "To be successful there is the next step after having achieved mostly everything in Europe. The big names in my weight division, I want to challenge and defeat them. That's my goal. I know it's going to be a tough and a big challenge, but I have never run away from these kinds of tasks. I didn't want to end my career without giving it a try in the USA.



"We had a few options, especially from U.S. promoters. After a lot of discussions and negotiations, we met with Lou DiBella and DiBella Entertainment in New York. These meetings were always very positive. He made the best offer, and what was very important to me was that he believes in me. From the beginning I have seen Lou DiBella as a really nice person and I have the confidence in him, and I know that he will open the doors to the American boxing market in order to secure a successful continuation of my career."


"I love boxing and that's why I want to continue," Erdei said. "Boxing is my life and I'm a fighter. I was looking for a new challenge after I had been the WBO light heavyweight world champion for nearly six years, had won the WBC cruiserweight crown and my contract with Universum Box-Promotion had ended."


Erdei's opponent is 39 year old Samson Onyango, who has lost 4 of his last 7. 3 by ko defeat.


Is this the type of opponent Erdei should be facing at this stage?

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...erdei fighting in america. why?


Maybe he got a look at our HW's and hopes to move up lol// At 36 now, I think he's probably looking at how Glen Johnson and some of the older guys over here are still getting fights and wants in on it, on the Euro scene you guys have pretty well grown tired of him, I think he's looking for a new audience is all this is.

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