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Pacquiao will fight twice next year/Marg rehydration clause!


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if it's not a catchweight it's always something else!



As fans know, Manny Pacquiao goes for an unprecedented 8th “world” title on November 13th, against the much bigger Antonio Margarito. Yesterday, via the comments facility on ESB, on an article of mine, some fans wondered aloud just how much bigger than Pac-Man Margarito would be in the WBC light-middleweight title fight. There were suggestions of a “re-hydration clause,” a clause in the contract that would disallow “Toney” from putting on any weight after the official weigh-in - a weigh-in for which the Mexican (and Pac-Man) must not weigh any more than the agreed 150-pounds.


Well, according to Bob Arum, in talking to Mike Marley, there is no such “re-hydration clause.” In fact, Arum is concerned about the amount of weight Margarito will put on in the 24-hours between the weigh-in and the fight; so much so that the Top Rank promoter has said the November fight will be Manny’s last at a weight higher than 147-pounds.


“It’s just too much size difference fighting these bigger guys,” Arum said of his star fighter. “Antonio Margarito has a contractual weight limit of 150-pounds but he is likely to add 15-pounds with the day before the fight weigh-in and then weigh 165 when they get into the ring.


“Freddie [Roach] and Alex [Ariza] were telling me Manny will weigh in at 149 or 150 and then not add much weight after that so as not to lose any of his phenomenal speed. But they stressed they don’t want Manny stretching it like this after this fight.”


So there you have it, no mention whatsoever of a contractual deal that insists Margarito remain at 150-pounds during the time between weighing in and entering the ring. And should Pacquiao once again overcome the obstacle of a much bigger (and possibly physically stronger) fighter, his future ring assignments will then likely come against welterweights. Arum spoke of the plans for Pac-Man in 2011.


“Manny will fight twice in the new year,” Arum told Marley. “We’re looking at a May bout with or without [Floyd] Mayweather. Who knows how his legal problems will play out so we don’t count on Floyd. But, like Freddie and Alex told me, from here on out Manny will stick to the welterweight division.”


So, assuming he gets past Margarito next month, who will Pac-Man fight in 2011 if “Money” is unavailable? Marley got quite a list of possibilities from uncle Bob!


“Shane Mosley is a possibility,” Arum said. “So is the winner of the Devon Alexander-Timothy Bradley fight. You can put Andre Berto’s name in there as well, and Juan Manuel Marquez because of the history with Manny. Don’t forget Cotto because he is flexible, Miguel can go to 147-pounds.”


That’s quite a selection of possibilities. For my money, a third go between Pacquiao and “Dinamita” would appeal hugely to the fans, so too would a Pacquiao-Berto clash. The winner of Alexander and Bradley might wish to try and clean up the 140-pound division instead of facing Pac-Man (but then again, maybe not when you consider the money a fight with the Filipino would bring either guy!), while Mosley is surely too faded to live with the lethal southpaw now.


Whoever the pound-for-pound king faces next, it may come after a very tough fight on Nov. 13th. And rest assured, Margarito will NOT enter the ring in Texas without having been given the chance to re-hydrate!



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All sounds fair enough.


Interesting to see the list of potential opponents, plenty of names but I suppose there always will be when the P4P No.1 is looking to fight.


For me Mosleys too old and out of the running. The winner of Alexander vs Bradley, I'd prefer to see meet the winner of Khan vs Maidana. Cotto fight is like going over old ground as too is Marquez though there is more appeal to a rubber match with JMM.

I'd quite like to see Manny vs Berto, think its a good match-up stylewise.

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pac vs. chavez jr. coming soon to a PPV provider near you


I figured Arum would try to sell us on Pac-Cotto II as something we simply HAVE to see with Cotto now at JMW, but you might be right and Chavez Jr. gets the call.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be the fight we LEAST want to see based on the Nov 13th result.

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It's funny that Bob didn't worry about Margarito weighing 165 pounds when he put the fight together, but NOW he's concerned about Manny facing guys that size, for his NEXT fight. Sounds like a "we don't want to fight Paul Williams decleration" from Bob :)


Funny thing is, I think Pac could beat Williams despite the differences


Williams hasn't looked too hot in his past couple of bouts and Pac would easily get inside that reach.

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