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Mike Tyson being sued for $25 million


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It has been reported by various news outlets that former heavyweight king Mike Tyson is being sued for a whopping $25 million by a newspaper photographer. “Iron Mike,” now aged 44 and still looking to find long term peace in his oft-troubled life, allegedly hit Antono Echavarria at Los Angeles airport last year. The photographer claims Tyson hit him, broke his camera and left him with spinal cord injuries and a concussion.


Last year the case went to court but was taken no further due to “lack of evidence” against Tyson. But now, Echavarria is asking for the huge sum of $25 million, due to, among other things: the pain and suffering he has endured, emotional distress, as well as current and future medical expenses.


We all know Tyson is pretty much broke these days, by his own admission, and if the photographer wins his case and Tyson is ordered to pay the staggering amount, he will be unable to do so. However, Tyson claims he acted in self defence last year, due to how Echavarria “trailed” him and his family through the airport, and maybe the former champion will win when the case goes to court.


Since retiring from the ring, Tyson has tried many ventures - including acting and doing goodwill work. Reportedly in the process of negotiating to again play himself in the sequel to The Hangover, Tyson may now find his time gobbled up by legal issues.


Tyson has also spent a great deal of time travelling lately, and he was in the news this week for being assigned as “boxing ambassador” to China. Despite the good things the youngest heavyweight belt-holder in history has done, though, the bad stuff always seem to grab the lion’s share of the headlines. Often an easy target for money-hungry types, Tyson can’t seem to keep out of trouble for long.


The LA airport case is a tough one though. Tyson insists his and his family’s space was being invaded (he had his young daughter with him at the time), and that the photographer was the one who started the whole thing.


Will Mike ever find the peaceful life he wants?



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