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Michael Katsidis' brother found dead


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Michael Katsidis' brother found


The older brother of Australian lightweight star Michael Katsidis was found dead Tuesday in his Brisbane, Australia, home. Stathi Katsidis, one of the top Thoroughbred horse jockeys in Australia, was 31.


Michael Katsidis, an interim titleholder, is in Thailand training for a Nov. 27 HBO fight in Las Vegas against lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez.



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Katsidis' manager/trainer Brendon Smith found out about the death in a call from Katsidis' mother and was going to break the news to the fighter.


"We haven't spoken to Michael, but we have spoken to Brendon," David Itskowitch, an executive with Golden Boy, Katsidis' promoter, told ESPN.com. "Our concern right now is for Michael, not as to whether he will fight. He just lost his brother, who he was very close with. However long it takes, he will decide what he will do. Right now the fight is not a concern for us. We're concerned for him."


According to multiple Australian media reports, Stathi Katsidis was found dead by his girlfriend, Melissa Jackson, who also is the mother of their 4-year-old son.


The cause of death has not been determined, although he had a history of drug and alcohol problems, including a positive test for ecstasy in 2008 and a prior drunken driving arrest, according to media reports.


Katsidis was scheduled to ride Saturday.


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absolutely gutted for Michael, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy


i just hope he can pull through it mentally


i wouldn't blame him if he was to cancel the fight, not at all, not when it's just over a month away and he needs to be 100% physically and mentally, like Faulks said this will definitely interrupt his training, no doubt about it


i suppose it all depends how close to his brother he actually was


my thoughts are with Michael and his family

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R.I.P Stathi


Hopefully it doesnt lead to the cancellation of the fight but it would suprise me if Katsidis wanted to pull out. I doubt anyone would blame him. Alternitively, it might fire him up more for him to dedicate a win over JMM to his brother


I don't imagine it would lead to the cancellation, mostly because the fight is still 6 weeks out, as to whether what I'm sure will be a few days break in training effects his preperation or what his mental state would be something that probably not even he or his team would know. Right now the focus should be on things other than the fight. RIP.

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