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Ricky Hatton rehabilitation stint complete


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Ricky Hatton rehabilitation stint complete


Former boxing champion Ricky Hatton has left rehab following a month of tumultuous public relations and an ongoing battle with drug abuse and depression.


The British boxer turned promoter scorched headlines last month when The News of the Week published photos of him sniffing cocaine in a hotel washroom. Immediately after the news broke Hatton apologized to the public and admitted he had been depressed since his last fight, in which star Manny Pacquiao knocked him out in two rounds.


Hatton’s friend Emma Bowe, herself a women’s boxing champion, disclosed the details to the tabloid in an effort to 'help him' with his problems. Soon after, Bowe also revealed that she had been having an affair with Hatton, who is engaged.


Hatton was stripped of three licenses from the British Board of Control, including his boxing license, but remains able to professionally promote the sport.


Following the revelations, Hatton said: “"I couldn't show my face for months and months on end. I was suffering really, really badly, so even though I always used to have a drink, I started drinking a little bit more, and along with the depression [...] things got on top of me and slowly just went from bad to worse, and it ended up resulting in dabbling in other silly things.”


Matthew Hatton, Ricky’s younger brother, recently came out and said that he hopes his brother will be able to recover from his troubles. He also suggested that a return to the ring for “The Hitman” is unlikely.


Hatton is a two-time IBF and IBO junior welterweight champion. Perhaps his most notable win was a 12th round stoppage of Kostya Tszyu, then one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world.


A spokesperson for Hatton said that “it’s not been the best of times, but he’s out now and looking much better.”


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good to hear, at least he admitted himself which shows he's keen to rid himself of the demons


hopefully he can get back on track and keep his head on his promoting instead of other things, something he's good at


we need the old Hitman back, hopefully rehab has worked for him

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A drug dealer who had earned truckloads of pounds by selling coke has been asked to pay a majority of his assets to the court. The dealer in question is also a friend of the well known boxer, Ricky Hatton.


The drug dealer, Damien Ramsey’s possessions that would have to be sold, includes his home where he live, a yacht and three flats. The order was passed down by a Bristol Crown Court on the 39-year old defendant.


The judge also pointed out the luxurious lifestyle of the convicted drug dealer, stating that his way of life was extremely convenient all because of his trade. Ramsey would have to either surrender his possessions or face another five years in jail. The judgment was made under the Proceeds of Crime Act by the judge who was conducting the proceedings of the case.


Damien Ramsey is currently serving a sentence of five years and four months in a jail for the drug offences he had committed. He has been serving his sentence in jail, since August in the previous year after he confessed to his crimes of cultivating marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to supply.


He had also admitted for the possession of a knuckle duster and two cans of pepper spra



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